Two AT&T Mobile-Retail managers from the New York City area drove 15 hours to lend a hand to those affected by Hurricane Florence.

Sergey Makogon and Larissa Husosky brought charging stations, flashlights, batteries, bottled water and more to a shelter near Raleigh, North Carolina.


Mobile-Retail managers Larissa Husosky, second from left, and Sergey Makogon, center, drove from New York to the Raleigh, North Carolina, area to help in our community efforts.

"Hospitals and nursing homes near the coast had evacuated people into high schools like the one we visited in Garner, North Carolina," Sergey said. "There were about 600 people."

Sergey and Larissa worked with our teams to help people recharge their devices for several hours. Later that weekend, they visited other shelters. Many people were surprised to see them and also surprised that they could recharge their devices for free, whether or not they were AT&T customers.

"We came because we had the resources and the time," Larissa said, "so we wanted to help these communities any way we could. We remember how much help we got from our peers several years ago during Hurricane Sandy. It was our turn to give back."