Dawn Beveridge-Garver

Dawn Beveridge-Garber, professional-software delivery manager, was in her backyard in Huntley, Illinois, with her neighbors surveying the damage from a recent flash flood.

She spotted 2 neighborhood sisters, ages 10 and 12, playing on an inflatable raft in the flooded lake runoff on the other side of the street.

Suddenly, the 2 girls disappeared from view.

Dawn and her neighbor ran to the runoff area and saw the 12-year old struggling to keep her younger sister from getting sucked into a drainage pipe about 75 feet down the other side of the embankment.

The flood waters had created a deadly whirlpool.

Dawn and her neighbor jumped in and pulled them back, but the suction was unrelenting.

The 10 year-old was completely underwater and turning blue.

In a final desperate act, Dawn braced herself on the nearby rocks and heaved. She was able to pull everyone to safety.

The youngest sister was transported to the hospital with minor injuries and returned home the same day.