Heather Robinett and family

Heather Robinett and family

Heather Robinett is a people person. Spend just half a day with her and you'll feel like life-long friends. Watching her in the office – in meetings, in the hallway… it's like there's an inside joke with everyone she meets. And smiles in both directions. Heather Robinett has never met a stranger.

She has a high-tech job working in software-defined networking (SDN). She's the director of a software architecture team that works on ECOMP – the computer code that AT&T created to manage SDN.

Heather also has a big, blended family. As she likes to say, she and her husband Larry have "his, mine and ours" kids.

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"He had 2, I had 3, and then we had 2 together." Heather's 5 kids range in age from 28 to 10. She says most days she feels like a "professional mediator." Just the type of person to help bring a community together.

When you feel like it's your role to broker peace… when you care so much about so many people… and when you feel deeply connected to the place you live, what do you do when it is all suddenly hanging by a thread.

Watch Heather's amazing story of service as she jumps into action for her city in crisis. Her city: Ferguson, Missouri.