Sometimes the little things are big things. 

“We wanted to quickly come together to see how we could help our customers,” said Lisa Pue Chinery, director – product marketing management. 

Recognizing that some hardships are getting harder and everyone could use a bit of an escape as well as a break, our video and content teams worked to deliver more content for our video customers at no cost during this time. This includes complimentary previews of HBO and SHOWTIME to kids’ content like Nickelodeon and Disney as well as free news, entertainment and Spanish language channels, for customers who do not already have these channels. The teams added something for everyone.  

But getting this done was no small feat. Lisa’s team worked with SVP and Chief Content Officer Rob Thun’s team. The Content team reached out to its programmer partners to provide customers with access to additional channels during this challenging period.  

“The teams worked fast and furiously with our programming partners at a time when we were all just getting used to this new paradigm of working remotely from home,” Rob said.  “I am very proud of the team’s ability to meet this challenge head on and provide our customers with access to up to over 130 channels while they are at home with their families.”

“This was an outstanding overall team effort across our Content, Legal and Marketing organizations in putting the customer first. The team stepped up at their first time at bat and hit a home run,” Rob added.

“I am so proud of the teams,” Lisa said. “Internal and external partners rallied together to give our customers access to more movies and shows. It feels good to be able to contribute something, however small it is, during this uncertain time.”