Glenn Del Rosso

Glenn Del Rosso

AT&T Laboratories has a rich history. "Bell Labs," as it was known, is responsible for some of the greatest technological advances in history. 13 Nobel Prize winners have come through those doors.

So you can imagine that it's not too often that a Labs career begins right out of high school.

But that's because guys like Glenn Del Grosso don't come around too often.

35 years ago, Glenn took a job in the Bell Labs mailroom. He put himself through college at night, with help from the AT&T tuition reimbursement program, and put that same work ethic into learning as much as he could about other jobs in the company.

"I've always felt that AT&T has got that equipment for you to help you expand your career," Glenn says. "Not just in the present job, but to prepare you for future opportunities. I've had 15 different careers all at one company."

Glenn has worked in several different areas throughout the company, but now he's back at Labs with a focus on innovation.

As an Intellectual Property Lead, Glenn's job is to sell and license AT&T patents and technology to other companies. It can be incredibly valuable to businesses who don't have time or money for research and development, all while adding to AT&T's bottom line. Intellectual property generated more than $150 million last year for the company and is a growing part of the business.

Check out this video to learn more about Glenn and his insatiable appetite for learning, plus some inventions you might not have guessed came out of AT&T Labs.