Irwin Gerszberg grew up just 20 miles from AT&T's Bell Laboratories where the transistor was invented, but it might as well have been 20,000 miles.

There wasn't much in the way of technology on his family's farm, but Irwin found himself drawn to innovation anyway, taking apart the family telephone to find out how it worked. And he never forgot where he came from.


Irwin Gerszberg

Years later, when working for AT&T Labs, Irwin thought of a game-changing idea: What if we could deliver internet service along power lines? No cable, no satellite, no fiber. If you can see power lines, you can have broadband.

Fifteen years in the making, Project AirGig is set to revolutionize how and where high-speed internet is delivered. Watch this amazing story of perseverance as Irwin and his team set out to change the world.