Try to imagine a life without choices. It can be hard for many of us to comprehend.

Shahram Mohajeri found himself forbidden from pursuing higher education. Not because he couldn't afford it. Not because he wasn't smart enough. But because under the current government regime, he says he wasn't allowed to try.

To make his dream a reality, Shahram left everything in Iran. All he took on that fateful day was a crumpled little backpack with a change of clothes. His possessions, his famiy – life as he knew it – stayed behind. He also had to break the law and put his entire future at risk.

So much has happened from that day to this one. Shahram now serves as a Lead Member of Technical Staff for AT&T Technology & Operations just outside Seattle. He works on the AT&T network and the move to 5G technology. He's on the leading edge of innovation that is expected to bring a new world, and so many choices to so many.


Shahram Mohajeri

Perhaps it's his way of giving back to those who didn't make it out, or to his new country full of possibilities.

Discover Sharam's inspiring journey, learn more about the capabilities of 5G, and see America through new eyes in our latest #innovATTion video.