Great Place to Work® recognized DIRECTV Latin America’s corporate social responsibility program, Generación DIRECTV, with the “Better for the World” award as part of its 2018 edition of “Best Places to Work in Latin America.”

This award recognizes organizations that excel in engaging employees in giving back to their community through corporate social responsibility efforts such as philanthropic and environmental initiatives. Great Place to Work considers that a company that engages its employees in serving the community, fosters an environment of joint efforts for prosperity, care and equality.

For more than 10 years, Generación DIRECTV has been supporting our communities based on 4 pillars: Education, Volunteering, Influence and Environment. Some examples of our actions include*:

  • Escuela+: Uses DIRECTV Latin America technology in schools throughout the region to broadcast audiovisual educational content. Regionally, more than 7,700 schools have been connected, 8 countries with Escuela+ presence, more than 120,000 teachers have access to educational material; more than 20,000 teachers throughout the region are currently undergoing training; more than 2 million students have benefited from this resource; more than 5,000 monthly hours of informative, cultural and educational content has been accessed; and more than 500 supporting materials for teachers have been provided, including educational guides and classroom lesson plans.
  • Piedra, Papel, Tijera: Brings together DIRECTV Latin America employees to participate in activities to renew schools, orphanages, homes and the overall quality of life for those in vulnerable communities. In Chile, 33% of employees have participated in this initiative, and their efforts have been featured in a TV series. In addition to increasing ratings each year (7 seasons), the company has received more than 600 letters from customers who, after seeing the TV program, expressed interest in the activities and offered to volunteer for future events.
  • Influence: A space on DIRECTV Latin America’s programming is offered free of charge for organizations and foundations to showcase and highlight their community efforts.
  • Eco DIRECTV: Program that promotes actions to protect the environment through initiatives such as waste management, recycling, conservation of natural resources, cleaning and rescue of ecosystems, and donations to nonprofit organizations. Due to the large footprint in Latin America, with nearly 10 million receivers, the company developed the L14 model, a new receiver that allows 29% of energy savings for customers. In addition, the receiver’s small size means it can be packaged with 43%less cardboard and with 64% less fuel use during distribution.

"This recognition is the most important award we can receive. Our mission is to think about how we can help our communities in the region to be sustainable and that our presence brings hope, especially for those who need it the most to know that they are not alone. Our employees are the most loyal volunteers and the true stars of our company, with more than 12,000 of them engaged in initiatives during the past 10 years. Without their help, this recognition would not be possible. Actions for a better world must not only be thought through, but implemented so that we can see real change. That's our philosophy at DIRECTV," said Sandro Mesquita, assistant vice president of Citizenship and Sustainability for DIRECTV in Latin America.

Each year, Great Place to Work® highlights organizations with special mentions based on their culture best practices. This year, the mentions were inspired by Great Place to Work’s mission: “Building a better world by helping organizations become excellent places to work for all" and the 3 pillars that support it. The "Better for the World" recognition was among them.

The Best Places to Work in Latina America is one of a series of rankings by Great Place to Work based on employee feedback from Great Place to Work-Certified™ organizations. The 2018 edition gathered more than 1,300 organizations that were recognized in the national lists for each region. DIRECTV Argentina, Chile and Ecuador were also recognized by Great Place to Work as one of the best companies to work for in 2017 in their respective countries.

AT&T Latin America and its subsidiary companies AT&T Mexico and Vrio, the holding company for DIRECTV in Latin America and SKY in Brazil, were ranked No. 16 for the Best Places to Work in Latin America award.