The film created by FCB Brasil jokes about the fact that programs "don’t take time off" on SKY Play

In order to highlight the consumer’s experience of watching their favorite programming whenever they want with SKY Play, SKY debuted nationally the first of a series of fun films at the end of 2018. The film "Mímica"(“Pantomime”), created by FCB, stars Gisele Bündchen.

Shot with characters in medieval period costumes, the film begins with a game of pantomime between actors who are supposedly waiting for the recording of a following scene in the dressing room. While playing the game, they are interrupted by Gisele, playing the role of a producer, who summons the entire team to a viewing marathon of a series: “It's over, it's over! Come on people, it's time for the series marathon, come on,” implying that someone needs to hit play to watch that series.

"Our goal with this new campaign is to highlight the advantages of SKY Play, our on-demand video platform. We want the customer to explore the whole service and discover incredible experiences without leaving home. Series, varied programs, children’s programming and movies that have just completed their theatrical release, are all available directly from the family room sofa,” says Alex Rocco, director of marketing for SKY.

"This is the first in a series of fun films that form part of the new campaign and play with the idea that on SKY Play, programming never takes time off. And that SKY's big star, Gisele Bündchen, is the one that works to ensure that things never stop performing,” commented Joanna Monteiro, CCO of FCB Brasil.

Watch the campaign’s film:

To access SKY Play and watch these films and thousands of other contents, subscribers must connect their DVR equipment to the internet and access channel 1. To make the connection, simply use a standard network cable, connecting the internet modem to the SKY equipment, or connect via wi-fi (available on some models). Movie rental charges range from R$ 3.90 to R$ 16.90 (approximately US$ 1.00 to US$ 4.30). Other content offered includes free options, depending on the programming channels included in the subscriber’s package.


  • Client: SKY
  • Title: Mímica (Pantomime)
  • Product: Post-Paid
  • Agency: FCB Brasil
  • General Creative Director: Joanna Monteiro
  • Executive Creative Director: Fábio Simões
  • Creative Directors: André Pallú e Marco Monteiro
  • Art Director: Guilherme Manzi
  • Copywriter: Mario Moraes
  • Account Management: Elton Longhi, Pedro Führer, Yan Sertã, Camila Rossignolo, Mariana Bedeschi, Sheila Rodriguez e Luisa Kneipp
  • Planning: Márcia Neri, Rafael Martins e Maria Augusta Silveira
  • Media: Fábio Freitas, Cristina Omura, Mônica Oliveira, Cintia Mavros e Gabrieli Miranda
  • RTV: Charles Nobili, Ricardo Magozo, Murillo Moretti e Mariana Carneiro
  • Image Producer: Saigon
  • Direction: 2
  • Executive Production: Marcelo Altschuler
  • Cinematographer: Pedro Cardillo
  • Art Director: Carol Ozzi
  • Account Manager: Fernanda Gomes e Tais Sanches
  • Editor: Beto Araujo
  • Finisher: Fabio Abreu
  • Post-Production/Finishing: Nash Production
  • Color: Bleach Filmes
  • Post Coordination: Virgini Fares
  • Sound Production: Tesis
  • Producer/Master: Henrique Racz e Silvio Piesco
  • Client Service: Alline Pecci
  • Client Approval: Gustavo Fonseca, Alex Rocco, Claudia Benvenuti e Diana Gallo