The second part of DIRECTV Latin America and THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO’s fiction, reveals the secret plot between football, business and corruption. Available exclusively on the DIRECTV Latin America channel, OnDIRECTV, and on the OTT service, DIRECTV GO.

Filmed in Spain, this original series returns to show the dark ties between football and politics, with characters crossed by greed, ambition, power and sex. After the great rise of the Leonés Sports Club, the Russian mafia is increasingly involved in the manipulation of parties, politics and business. The businessman Mariano Hidalgo and Nuria Ballesteros, the mayor of the city, face the demands of the mafia while overcoming family issues, business, public image and their own secrets.

Daniel Calparsoro directs the adaptation of the novel written by Javier Tebas (president of the Professional Football League of Spain) and Pedro Torréns. Calparsoro anticipated that in this installment "the characters are deepened, and the female protagonists are empowered", in addition to introducing a "cynical and ironic" tone in the drama.

The main cast of the first season led by Roberto Enriquez, Patricia Vico, Pedro Casablanc, Mariam Álvarez, María Molins, José Ángel Egido, Andrés Gertrudix, María de Nati and Joaquín Abad, among others, adds most of the weight acquire by interpreters of Latin American origin, such as the Mexican Roberto Romano and the Argentines Agustín Pardella, Juan Martín Gravina and Noelia Castaño.

The actor, Roberto Enriquez (Vis a vis), who plays the director of this fictional club, has told the media that, if during last season his character yielded "to the quagmire of corruption, despite his good intentions, this season he will reach very high levels of corruption."

“Todo por el juego” has stood out due to its high production standards and legitimacy in history. For this second season The Wanda Metropolitano is the standout stage for production, this being an important location since this sports venue is owned by the Athletic Club of Madrid.

The first season can be seen again in a binge watch marathon that the OnDIRECTV channel will broadcast from Saturday, October 19:

Todo por el juego – Season 1 Marathon

Saturday, October 19. Episodes: 01-02-03-04.

15:00 hrs. en Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Perú y Uruguay.

16:00 hrs. en Venezuela.

Sunday, October 20th. Episodes: 05-06-07-08.

15:00. hrs. en Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Perú y Uruguay.

16:00 hrs. en Venezuela.

Todo por el juego – Season 2

Monday, October 21

21:00 hrs. en Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Perú y Uruguay.

22:00 hrs. en Venezuela.

Scheduling information:

OnDIRECTV SD (Channel 201)

OnDIRECTV SD (Channel 1201)

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