AT&T and Braidio to Power Next-Generation Mobile Applications

With Braidio, AT&T API Marketplace aims to meet the specific needs of vertical industry customers by simplifying the deployment of mobile apps

Braidio has selected AT&T to provide voice, messaging, chat and video capabilities in future apps. Using application programming interfaces from the AT&T API Marketplace, Braidio will help businesses in specific industries better connect and engage with their customers by creating tailored, engaging experiences

Braidio, a provider of white-labeled communication services and mobile apps powered by the award-winning WorkStreams productivity platform, will embed the capabilities into solutions focused on the healthcare, financial services, retail, construction, and pet wellness and veterinary medicine industries.

“Each consumer touch point is a valuable opportunity—for relationship building, for revenue growth, lead conversion,” said Iain Scholnick, founder and CEO, Braidio. “Using tools from the AT&T API Marketplace, we can help businesses create a better, edge-driven customer experience. One that’s more efficient, more engaging, and ultimately more successful, more often.”

AT&T launched the AT&T API Marketplace to provide businesses with capabilities enabling simpler, faster and more efficient ways to communicate with customers in near real-time. The marketplace makes it easier for businesses to transform their customer service model by making advanced voice and collaboration solutions more accessible.

“Our API Marketplace gives businesses a direct line to our highly secure network and cloud infrastructure, empowering them to create with ease new engaging experiences for their customers,” says Roman Pacewicz, chief product officer, AT&T Business. “Braidio and other talented developers can tap into capabilities, such as our leading AT&T voice network or our wireless messaging platform, to give their web and mobile software an edge in a competitive environment.”

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