AT&T and RapidDeploy Expand Relationship to Advance 9-1-1 Performance With Data-Driven Emergency Response Solutions 

Tactical mapping and data analytics help PSAPs enhance decision-making capabilities 

What is the news? AT&T* and RapidDeploy have a unique strategic relationship to bring RapidDeploy’s suite of cloud-native Unified Critical Response solutions to existing and prospective customers. AT&T will offer Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) access to RapidDeploy RadiusPlus Mapping and Eclipse Analytics, in addition to RapidDeploy’s Nimbus cloud-aided dispatch platform, which enable a faster, smarter emergency response that ultimately keeps communities safer. 

These tools help PSAPs improve their performance, reduce telecommunicator response times and enhance their decision making in critical situations. When someone dials 9-1-1, call handlers can access the mapping solution to detect the caller’s location more accurately so that emergency personnel can respond faster. PSAP supervisors have user-friendly analytics and graphics to help them improve response capabilities. 

RadiusPlus Mapping has been adopted statewide by several states. AT&T and RapidDeploy are launching the NG9-1-1 Bundle which includes RadiusPlus Mapping and Eclipse Analytics at a discounted rate. The offer is valid through March 2021. 

Why is this important? PSAPs across the country are working to transform from legacy systems to cloud-native NG9-1-1 technology to better serve their communities. 

RadiusPlus Mapping and Eclipse Analytics help improve PSAP performance and help advance emergency response capabilities for NG9-1-1. When using these advanced tools, PSAPs become more data-driven organizations that can assist first responders to act more quickly and accurately. Eclipse Analytics provides flexible reporting and analytics to facilitate data-driven, operational performance improvements by leveraging call data in near-real time. 

How have AT&T and RapidDeploy worked together? In 2018, AT&T and RapidDeploy announced an agreement to provide PSAPs access to RapidDeploy’s Nimbus CAD platform. It can be integrated with relevant and emerging data-rich sources to deliver faster, more accurate caller location to call takers, dispatchers and responders. Combined with native geographic information systems (GIS) features and unlimited map layers, that precision accelerates response times, drives situational awareness and enhances public safety outcomes.


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