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AT&T and Brain Corp to Enable Autonomous Robots

Data-intensive Internet of Things applications will enable robotics for cleaning, inventory delivery, and shelf-analytics for retailers and other essential businesses

AT&T* and Brain Corp are working together to support data-rich IoT applications for autonomous mobile robots as COVID-19 brings the value of automation sharply into focus.

Large-scale original equipment manufacturers are using Brain Corp technology to create autonomous robots that help retailers support workers and drive value by operating safely alongside workers and the general public. Through its OEM partners, Brain Corp has deployed or enabled approximately 10,000 automated floor scrubbers, vacuum sweepers, and delivery robots used by big-box retailers, grocery stores, airports and shopping malls across the U.S., Europe and Asia.

The addition of AT&T’s highly-secure cellular connectivity will provide Brain Corp’s cloud-enabled artificial intelligence platform with capabilities that will help retailers manage restocking and merchandising more efficiently.

“Freeing up time for workers so they can focus on important duties like cleaning high-contact surfaces, restocking, and assisting customers has never been more important,” said David Pinn, senior vice president of strategy for Brain Corp. “Our agreement with AT&T will enable Brain Corp to expand our robotic application portfolio for retailers and other businesses looking to adapt to today’s changing world.”

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the critical role that robotics can play in bringing accessible automation to businesses and their frontline workers. Brain Corp-powered robots can be deployed quickly without custom infrastructure or training, and are currently providing more than a quarter million autonomous hour per month for retailers and essential businesses.

“The health crisis is a clear example of how advanced technology and IoT solutions can radically improve the way we approach and solve societal challenges,” said Chris Penrose, senior vice president, Advanced Solutions, AT&T. “Working with Brain Corp shows how innovative technologies can be quickly deployed to meet urgent needs of those working in essential businesses and on the front lines.”

Check out this video to see how Brain Corp-enabled automated floor scrubbers work.

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