AT&T Announces Intent to Carry for the LG WINGTM 5G

Today, AT&T* confirmed the LG WING 5G will be offered to customers on America’s Best Network1 starting this fall.  

The LG WING 5G offers a future-forward design that gives you more screen space to work and play however you want. The device redefines your idea of a dual-screen smartphone with the ability to swivel out the main display into the T-shape position so you can do more at once. Plus, it offers the ability to expand an app onto two screens or use two completely different apps at the same time so you can maximize your productivity and enhance your mobile experience. This addition extends AT&T’s commitment to bring innovative devices to our portfolio as we continue our momentum in the dual-screen category.

When it arrives, the LG WING 5G will tap into the power of the nationwide 5G network and the ultra-fast connectivity of 5G+, which is available in parts of 35 cities. 2 Access to this next-level network is easier than ever, as it comes included in all of our current business and consumer unlimited wireless plans at no additional cost to you.3 Pricing and availability for the LG WING 5G will be announced at a later date.

1 GWS OneScore, September 2020

2 Requires a compatible plan for 5G and 5G+ connections. Limited AT&T 5G and 5G+ availability. May not be available in your area. For coverage details visit

3 AT&T may slow data speeds if the network is busy.  See plan details for more information.