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AT&T Business Raises the Bar for Business Phone Service

AT&T Office@Hand Wireless gives businesses enhanced communications capabilities necessary in changing business environments

What’s the news?  

AT&T* Business erases the line between business wireline and mobile phone service with AT&T Office@Hand Wireless. Available today, AT&T Office@Hand Wireless introduces game-changing communication tools for businesses to remove complexity and communicate more efficiently and effectively. In today’s ultra-competitive environment, this can mean delivering better service, building lasting customer relationships and improving employee productivity.

Why is this important?

The future of work can be summed up with one word—flexibility. As businesses continue to assess how to optimize their operations and plot their next moves, flexibility will be critical to growth and success. According to recent studies, as many as 74% of employers plan to allow their employees to work from home permanently.

No matter their size, industry or location, phones continue to serve as a business gateway for revenue generation and collaborative problem solving. As things evolve, it may grow even more critical.  

Whether the workforce is in the office, at home or even the café down the street, AT&T Office@Hand Wireless empowers users with a single phone number that allows businesses to maintain a high-performing voice presence across all devices—mobile, desk phones, tablets and personal computers. It also ensures that important features are available no matter the device including:

  • Native dialing and voicemail options mean no extra software to disrupt normal workflows
  • Simultaneous and sequential ring options enable better service by minimizing calls going to voicemail
  • A cloud-based Auto Receptionist voice response service routes calls quickly to wherever your employees are working
  • Universal Outbound Number ID for every employee displays company information for better brand recognition
  • An easy-to-use web portal allows for simple configuration and control features such as voicemail and corporate directories
  • Fast deployment that could have businesses up and running within minutes
  • 24/7 support so that users have help whenever they need it

This can all be integrated into the leading AT&T Office@Hand collaboration platform built together with RingCentral, giving users another seamless way to initiate and capture calls with colleagues and customers.

When paired together with AT&T Mobility service, users can optimize their connections using AT&T’s LTE network as well as its 5G network that now covers 230M Americans in 14,000 cities and towns and AT&T 5G+ is now available in parts of 38 cities in the U.S.

What are people saying?


“While the pandemic accelerated the needs of businesses to decentralize their operations, we’ve seen this trending for years. Businesses need the tools to activate their workforce from anywhere to compete, grow and even survive in today’s environment. AT&T Office@Hand Wireless gives them a communications tool providing a powerful way to adapt to shifts on the playing field.” 

- Rich Shaw, Vice President, Voice and Collaboration, AT&T Business


"Together with AT&T, we look forward to meeting the needs of businesses who want to empower their employees to work across any mode, any device and from anywhere. Combining Office@Hand with AT&T’s 5G network delivers blazing speed, high bandwidth with low latency, and the enhanced security needed for mobile communications.”

- Homayoun Razavi, Senior Vice President, Global Service Providers at RingCentral


“During the global crisis, many businesses found themselves at the mercy of various factors outside of their control. This has highlighted the importance of using advanced technology to enable greater business agility and the ability to promptly respond when disaster strikes. Modern, mobile-first communications and collaboration tools enable business users to maintain vital connections, both internally and with customers and partners, regardless of their physical location.”

- Elka Popova, VP of Connected Work Research, Frost & Sullivan

Where can I find more information?

For more information on AT&T Office@Hand Wireless, please visit here.


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