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AT&T 5G: The Full Experience

There’s a lot of talk out there about what 5G will enable for our customers in the future. And yes, the future – filled with things like autonomous vehicles and augmented reality will be cool. But AT&T knows 5G isn’t just about what we will one day be able to do – it’s also about what we can do with it today. That’s why, while our competitors, like Verizon, are showcasing a 5G network that can download a music album in 2 seconds (which they only offer in limited locations), we’re delivering a 5G network that is enabling innovation and actually transforming industries.

Simply put, AT&T’s 5G network is already giving our customers the full experience. 

“For our teams, 5G innovation is a mission on which we continually accelerate because we know the value it provides to our customers and our communities.”
- Kevin Hetrick, VP – Construction & Engineering.

Our network keeps growing

Nearly one year ago, we announced AT&T 5G had reached nationwide coverage for our customers. That achievement was propelled by innovation from our 5G teams – things like Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS), which allowed us to accelerate our 5G deployment by deploying it on top of our LTE network. Pioneering innovation like DSS is a great example of how our 5G teams continually innovate and streamline to deliver the strongest network performance into our customers’ hands. 


Our teams are working in the field every day, across the country continuing to build out our 5G network. In fact, AT&T Nationwide 5G now covers more than 250 million people across the country – hitting our end-of-year goal 6 months early. And while building one type of 5G network may be enough for some carriers, like Verizon, we know it’s not enough to give our customers the full experience. As part of our commitment in March, our teams are deploying our super-fast AT&T 5G+ in more stadiums, airports and cities across the country. Right now, AT&T 5G+ (mmWave 5G) is bringing customers increased speeds and enhanced connectivity in parts of 38 cities and more than 20 venues across the U.S. By the end of 2021, we expect to offer 5G+ to parts of more than 40 cities and 40 venues. That’s something T-Mobile can’t offer.

And when it comes to 5G delivered over C-band spectrum, AT&T acquired 80 MHz of it during the most recent FCC auction. We want to get this to our customers quickly and we’ve already accelerated past our competition by completing the first successful C-band field test call. That means our teams have established the first 5G connection and will be able to quickly deploy C-band spectrum when the first 40 MHz is made available to us later this year. 


From the nationwide coverage of AT&T 5G, to the super-fast speeds of AT&T 5G+ and now leading the industry in laying the groundwork to utilize our new C-band spectrum, AT&T continues to be a leader in the charge to unlock the power of 5G for customers and businesses.

Immersed like never before

“Sports fans love watching the game, as well as the experiences surrounding it. AT&T 5G+ is advancing the fan experience by enabling enhancements that help make the games and their favorite players come alive. And when it comes to entertainment, our 5G network will allow viewers to be immersed like never before. Just like the thrill of a last second victory, bringing to life experiences that matter to our customers is an incredible feeling – that’s the power of advanced networks enabling advanced fandom.”

- Mo Katibeh, SVP, Network Infrastructure and Build

Like a fast break in basketball or a breakaway in hockey, the super-fast speeds of AT&T 5G+ will put our customers out in front of T-Mobile’s customers inside arenas and stadiums. But AT&T 5G+ is about more than just speed. AT&T, together with some of the biggest brands in sports, is committed to increasing and enabling innovation anywhere customers can connect with the games, teams and players they love the most. Some of our most collaborative and innovative partners include the Chicago Bulls, the Dallas Cowboys, Miami HEAT and the NBA and the WNBA where we serve as the Official 5G Innovation Partner.

“It’s crucial for us to align with partners who share similar core values. We couldn’t be more in-sync as we are with AT&T. We can’t wait to give HEAT Nation a premiere fan experience through AT&T’s network and technology.”

- Eric Woolworth, President of Business Operations, The HEAT Group

From diehard fans celebrating big wins, to devoted concert goers savoring every note, AT&T’s 5G network is helping to bring the full concert experience to fans no matter where they might be. Using 5G technology and machine learning, we gave fans a live 3D augmented reality (AR) interactive experience with artist Axel Mansoor.

Enabling traveler connectivity to take off

Immersing our customers in content and connectivity no matter where they go is important to us and at the core of how we’re building our 5G network. And as our customers start to take off and travel again, their need for 5G connectivity on the go is taking off as well. We’re providing super-fast 5G+ connectivity at the major gate and concession areas inside the Tampa International Airport and have plans to connect 7 more major airports by the end of the year. 

“Excellence in customer service is at the core of what we do at Tampa International Airport. Thanks to lightning-fast speeds and increased connectivity and bandwidth, we’re opening a world of opportunity and access to our travelers. As AT&T’s first 5G airport, we are proud that this enhanced service continues to elevate the passenger experience to new heights.”

- Marcus Session, VP of IT Services, Tampa International Airport

We’re also using our 5G network to enable innovation in the airline industry. AT&T Business has worked with Apple to help Delta take connectivity for their 19,000+ flight attendants to new heights. By equipping them with iPhone 12s they’re harnessing the power of the nationwide AT&T 5G network to enhance the travel experience for all its passengers.

Incredible innovation

Innovation powered by AT&T 5G isn’t just taking off in the airline industry. We’re working with universities and hospitals to transform how they educate their students and care for their patients. We’re collaborating with prestigious universities like University of Connecticut, to advance their entrepreneurship and data science program and Purdue University as they use 5G+ to explore how next generation connectivity can impact the agriculture industry and manufacturing.

At the Lawrence J. Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine of USC, a private AT&T 5G network is helping to revolutionize the way patients and researchers connect. This on-site network is providing super-fast connectivity for patient-centered cancer research, treatment and wellness education. The increased speeds and ultra-low latency allow the doctors to use data collected and processed on site to make on-the-spot decisions, which is important to enhance patient care.

And when it comes to our own customers, our 5G network is enhancing our in-store experience as well. We are working toward lighting up more than two dozen company-owned AT&T retail locations with AT&T 5G+ by the beginning of 2022 – just like we’ve done with flagship store in the Dallas Discovery District. We are revolutionizing the in-store shopping experience for our customers by bringing the power of 5G to life through things like immersive AR experiences that help them get closer to the entertainment they love.

Giving our customers the full 5G experience is not a future proposition. AT&T is making that happen now through our continued network build, dynamic partnerships, drive to innovate and combination of spectrum. We’re providing the coverage, reliability, security and speeds that our customers deserve along with the ability to deliver the experiences and enable the innovation that’s important to them.

Simply put, AT&T’s 5G network is already giving our customers the full experience. And we’re just getting started.

AT&T 5G requires compatible plan and device. 5G not available everywhere. Go to for details.