Connectivity: Our Purpose and Passion

AT&T Employees Play a Critical Role in Bridging the Digital Divide

Action. It’s the most important step in closing the digital divide. And with grit, passion and creativity, our employees are making a direct impact in supporting communities with the work they do daily and in grassroots efforts in communities across the nation.

For the third week of our company-wide campaign, Bridge to Possibility: Closing the digital divide, together, we’re highlighting the work of our employees – from the frontlines to the C-suite – everyone at AT&T plays a role in building a bridge to possibility.

David Filbert, a construction and engineering service specialist in southern Indiana, prepares fiber-optic cable to be installed in his community for the first time; Whitney Parker, a North Texas sales and distribution team member, helps the visitors in her store choose the best connectivity solutions to fit their needs; Joy Osuna Benfante, a corporate employee, works with non-profit organizations to provide digital literacy resources and workshops to communities in need. These are just a few of the names and faces of the nearly 155,000 AT&T employees working to create connections around the world.

At AT&T, when our people are engaged, they go the extra mile not only in their day jobs but also in service and volunteer work we do for our communities. This company-wide campaign is our largest internal volunteer effort around the digital divide, activating thousands of our employees, to raise awareness and help support efforts to close it.

This week, our employee-led volunteer teams are giving out more than 1,000 laptops to families in need and sprucing up and beautifying the spaces surrounding our Connected Learning Centers in cities across the country. Our Employee Groups are assembling and distributing more than 10,000 Connected Learning Kits in 18 cities, which will provide supplies to support students in completing their schoolwork online. The power of AT&T employees coming together to live out their professional and personal purpose through volunteering is key to our success. It inspires community spirit and civic action for employees and the lives they touch.

In 2021, AT&T employees volunteered more than 440,000 hours in community outreach activities. Our work this week and throughout this campaign is an important part of our goal  to engage 50% of our global workforce in grassroots volunteerism and giving initiatives by 2030.

We’re here to create connection – not just with the tools people need to thrive but also with each other. Because of the passion and commitment of our employees, we have all the necessary ingredients – the resources, employee expertise and will – to build a bridge to possibility for millions of people in the U.S.

Watch how AT&T employees are working to help close the digital divide below

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