Black Business Month is Every Month

How AT&T small business customer, STEMuli, is powering an educational metaverse

Pop Quiz! What do home security systems, potato chips, automatic elevator doors, and Super Soaker water guns all have in common?

They were all created by Black innovators!

For decades, these inventions and many others, have made life a little easier (and sometimes more fun) for people around the world. They have made such an impact on society that you may have a hard time thinking about life without them. Can you imagine a world without potato chips? No, thank you.

Luckily, Black innovation isn’t an act of the past, clouded by decades of stagnation. Quite the contrary, there are Black changemakers making history every single day, and this Black Business Month, we’re bringing their contributions to the limelight.

Take Taylor Shead as an example. She is the owner of Dallas-based small business, STEMuli Studios, and the creator of the first educational metaverse to launch in the United States.

(Note: The metaverse is a virtual environment that deeply resembles everyday life. It immerses users into a new world where they can work, play, socialize and in STEMuli’s case – learn.)

Through this educational metaverse, students are able to play a 3D video game that takes them on a digital journey from their grade-level math and science classes to their ultimate career goals of being doctors, scientists, engineers, and more.

“If a student can see how math and science correlates to the progression of their dream job, we’ll see more women, minorities and kids of low socioeconomic persist through the education needed to get the job of their dreams,” Taylor said.

Fast Speeds and the Impact on Digital Learning

To help ensure students of all backgrounds can reap STEMuli’s vast educational benefits, they need access to fast internet speeds and reliable connections. Classroom time is often limited and so are the attention spans of grade-level children. There is little patience for lag, buffering, and delayed load times.

“The most important factor for these students to succeed and be able to access our metaverse is having super-fast internet speeds,” Taylor said. “We need our kids to be able to connect seamlessly to this digital environment, whether they’re at home working from their computer, on their mobile phone, or sitting in the classroom with their teacher. They need some of the fastest speeds in the world, like AT&T offers.”

Reliable Connections When You Need Them Most

In May 2022, Taylor became the 94th Black Woman – in the history of the world – to raise more than $1 million dollars in venture capital. It’s an impressive feat that required hours and hours of phone calls with venture capitalists and loved ones around the world.

“Being a small business owner can be incredibly challenging,” Taylor said. “From the time I was in college to now being a business owner, I have relied on my AT&T mobile service to connect me to the people helping me along this journey – my family, friends, students, STEMuli employees, mentors, and investors.”

Taylor’s early success is proof that small business owners aren’t so small in heart. They are passionate, courageous innovators striving to make life better for people around the globe. And as they embark on their journey of making the world a better place, AT&T is right next to them, ready to power their dreams.

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