June 15, 2023

Juneteenth: A Day of Tradition and Remembrance

AT&T employees share their thoughts on a day of equality, unity, impact and community.


Key Takeaways:

  • Join the AT&T Discovery District in Dallas on Monday, June 19th from 6PM- 11PM for a Juneteenth Celebration event: "Black Music Month". 
  • To learn more about AT&T’s DE&I efforts, visit our DE&I site.

As we come together to celebrate Juneteenth, we remember the significance of this historic day for many Black Americans and Black culture. Also known as Emancipation Day, it marks the end of slavery and the beginning of a new era of freedom and journey towards equality for all. Now, more than 150 years later, communities around the country celebrate through music, food, storytelling, service, and educational community events.

Hear from some of our employees on what Juneteenth means to them:


“This transformative moment remains meaningful because progress requires an understanding of our history and reverence for the sacrifices that paved the way.  Juneteenth provides an opportunity to reflect on our country’s past, acknowledge the impact of slavery, and work toward a more inclusive and equitable future.  As communities around the country come together to celebrate Juneteenth (aka Freedom Day), consider what you can do to educate yourself, seek cultural understanding, and support the ongoing pursuit of racial equality."

Ken Lear, VP of Global Real Estate


“Juneteenth is a day that I celebrate in my community. About 10 years ago, I created an addition to the Central NJ Juneteenth to include an AT&T Technology tent where we would partner with our New York/New Jersey Retail team and Employee Groups to share with the community how AT&T’s products and services and jobs connect people to new possibilities. I love engaging with students and use this day to mentor students who come out to the Juneteenth celebration with their families. Each year, this is how I choose to spend the day. My children have supported the day’s events over the years by helping prepare the virtual reality demos, handouts and other activities for the day-long celebration. What better way to celebrate Juneteenth than by reflecting on the past, exploring the present and helping our kids dream big about their futures.” 

Jackie Jackson, Director of Marketing


“Juneteenth is a celebration of recognition, respect, and unity for all Americans. It commemorates the emancipation proclamation and honors the work of our ancestors. Through joyful gospel and soul music festivals, delicious food, and inclusive activities, my family and I – children, parents, grandparents - embrace Juneteenth as a time to unite and celebrate our shared journey towards equality.”

– Andre Malone, Director Call Center Mobility


“Juneteenth symbolizes having equal opportunities in my eyes. Not only equal opportunities in a corporate setting, but in our community as well. I look at it as, we all eat the same food, all feel emotions, and all bleed the same. It is important to teach our younger generation to bridge the racial divide that was taught for years upon years. The key takeaway question that I would like everyone to take a minute to think about is, ‘There is a racial past but how do we positively move forward and come together?’ One special tradition that I am actually starting this year is donating to African American owned businesses and organizations that are supporting Juneteenth. My first donation is going towards the new National Juneteenth Museum that is set to finish building in 2025. This museum will be established in Fort Worth, Texas and will make a wonderful impact. Here is the link: NJM (nationaljuneteenthmuseum.org).” 

– Jada Peck, Customer Success Retention


“The essence of Juneteenth brings me a sense of awareness, responsibility, and gratitude for the Black culture. I am aware of what my ancestors had to endure and the hardship that plagued them every day. I accept the responsibility to stand and speak up for equality, diversity, and inclusion. I am grateful for the richness of our heritage. I will continue to pay it forward by telling the stories of our trials, our tribulations, but most importantly, telling the stories of our resilience.” 

– DeWanda Ricks, Area Manager


“Juneteenth is a specific marker in the history of this country where its enslaved people formally recognized the culmination of their struggle to end generations of forced bondage. This is significant not only for African Americans, but for all Americans in that it represents a major turning point in this nation's evolution toward realizing its founding principles: That all men (people) are endowed with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

– Tyrone Umrani, Sr. Program Manager


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