DALLAS, May 03, 2023

AT&T and National PTA Deliver Free Screen Readiness Workshops

The new “Ready, Tech, Go!” workshop series for parents and caregivers promotes healthy digital habits and is coming to more than 35 elementary schools across the U.S.

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Key Takeaways:

  • The “Ready, Tech, Go!” workshop series is a new collaboration between AT&T and National PTA that will deliver more than 35 workshops in elementary schools across the U.S.
  • Workshops are free and open to parents and caregivers and are designed to help them reflect on screen readiness, become familiar with tools and resources to help determine screen readiness, and gain tips and ideas to promote a healthy digital home. 
  • Local PTAs will lead the workshops developed by National PTA, which includes curated content and resources from AT&T ScreenReady® .

What’s the news?

In today’s connected world, families face challenging decisions. Among them: When are their children ready for a device? How can parents encourage healthy digital habits? 

AT&T and National PTA have joined forces to help parents and caregivers navigate these challenges and share tips, tools and resources to create healthy digital habits.

The collaboration features a “Ready, Tech, Go!” free educational workshop series through which more than 35 workshops will be delivered to parents and caregivers at elementary schools across the country, primarily in underserved communities.

Why is this important?

Two-thirds (66%) of parents and caregivers say parenting is harder today than it was 20 years ago, with many citing technology as a reason why.1

As the oldest and largest child advocacy association in America, National PTA brings knowledge, tools and resources into the lives of families to support their health, safety, well-being and success and help them navigate challenges and thrive. And as a leader in helping to bridge the digital divide, AT&T is committed to providing parents and caregivers with the skills and confidence they need to support their child’s online learning. Together, the two are combining resources to help get kids started with technology safely and responsibly.

How we will make it happen

Local PTAs will lead the workshops developed by National PTA, which includes curated content and resources from AT&T ScreenReady® . During the workshops, parents and caregivers will:

  • Identify and reflect on various aspects of screen readiness.
  • Become familiar with tools and resources to determine screen readiness and discuss digital life.
  • Gain new ideas to help create a healthy digital home.

Workshops are happening at the following locations throughout the rest of the 2022-2023 school year.

Ready, Tech, Go! Workshop Series Locations

The collaboration is part of AT&T’s Connected Learning and 3-year $2 billion commitment made in 2021 to help bridge the digital divide. For National PTA, the effort is part of the association’s PTA Connected initiative, which seeks to improve digital access and equity, digital safety and wellbeing, cybersecurity, and digital literacy for all children through tailored programs, dissemination of resources and tools, and community conversations.

What are people saying?

“It takes thoughtful collaboration to help narrow the digital divide,” said Mylayna Albright, assistant vice president of corporate social responsibility, AT&T. “And by working with National PTA, we’ll be able to equip parents and caregivers with the tools and resources needed to help get their children connected.”

“Parents and caregivers know what’s best for their own children and every family approaches digital parenting differently, but we have heard from families that they need and want information when it comes to devices and screen time,” said Anna King, president of National PTA. “Through our PTA Connected initiative, we are focused on empowering families with knowledge, tools and resources so they can make the best decisions for their individual household and support healthy digital habits for their children. We are pleased to team up with AT&T in this effort.”


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