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Millions of students struggle with digital learning because they don’t have quality internet connections or devices - an issue known as the homework gap. Through AT&T Connected Learning℠, we're investing in connectivity and technology,  digital literacy, and digital learning solutions to help connect today’s learners with success – in and out of the classroom. It’s part of our $2 billion commitment to help bridge the digital divide and remove barriers to affordability, access and adoption of tech.


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Making affordable connections

By combining new plans from our low-cost Access from AT&T program with federal benefits from the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), eligible households can take advantage of free internet.


Affordable Connectivity Program Access from AT&T

Increasing access to technology

To help more students have access to the technology resources they need to learn, we’re working with nonprofits to get devices into the hands of students. We’re also opening AT&T Connected Learning Centers around the country to provide underserved students and families with free access to the internet, computers, and educational resources.


Providing refurbished laptops with Digitunity  AT&T Connected Learning Centers Bridging the digital divide through public-private partnerships  

Encouraging adoption of digital resources

We’re providing free digital literacy resources for students and their parents to get the skills they need to effectively use the internet and technology.  High quality tools that supplement and enrich learning can help students stay engaged and more importantly, excited about learning. We developed The Achievery, a free digital learning platform to engage K-12 students everywhere they learn. Featuring educational and entertaining content alongside high-quality lesson plans, The Achievery demonstrates the power of getting connected.  


Helping newly connected adults  Tips and tools for families  The Achievery

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Latest Connected Learning News

76% of parents and 81% of teachers remain concerned about the homework gap.

Of those impacted, parents (35%) and teachers (29%) say their students’ top method of coping with the gap is using a mobile phone to complete assignments.

35% of parents and 39% of teachers say their children had to seek internet connectivity somewhere outside the home.

Nearly half of parents reported being at least somewhat confused about where to find online learning resources.

Parents and teachers cited “not receiving enough help” and “it’s boring” as their students’ biggest frustrations with online learning.