New Backpacks, New Pencils and…New Apps! School Days are Back!

19 Aug 2015 | Jacob Saperstein

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Around the country, teachers are sharpening pencils, decorating classrooms and planning lessons. Many of them are also charging their laptops and tablets, ready to download new apps and tools for the upcoming school year. The possibilities are endless, but what do all these tools do?

AT&T Aspire is here to help! Below I’ve outlined a few of the latest tools that can help teachers personalize learning for each of their students. We’ve worked with experts at the Momentous Institute and some of the brightest minds from the AT&T Aspire Accelerator who are developing these ideas. (Parents – want to be a teacher’s pet? You can use some of these apps to continue your child’s learning and development at home, too!)

Breathing Bubbles


Emotional well-being is critical to student learning. By using this app, students have an opportunity to reflect on their feelings and release their worries, helping them to improve their mood and focus on their studies. See it in action:

Download here for iOS and here on Samsung tablets.


We’ve worked with experts at the Momentous Institute and some of the brightest minds from the AT&T Aspire Accelerator who are developing these ideas.

Teachers can use eduCanon to harness the power of video in an engaging, rigorous and student-directed manner. It is a freemium platform that empowers teachers to create and share interactive video lessons. eduCanon has over 100K modular lessons and rich supports, providing a community for teachers.



Wondering which technology products are best for your classroom and school? Designed by and for educators, LearnTrials combines rapid, contextual teacher insights with public and private data to create highly configurable portfolios, side-by-side comparisons and data-rich report cards on any technology product. Whether a digital novice or a digital native, LearnTrials equips educators and their organizations to know and manage which ed-tech products are best for their classrooms.



Want to empower students with financial capability skills? Thrive ‘n’ Shine is a fun, mobile and web-based, financial capability game. In the life simulation game, players go to work to earn money that they strategically save and spend throughout the course of the game. Students develop financial and decision-making skills that have value in real-world scenarios, such as budgeting, saving, planning for the future, financing college, credit score management and debt management.

Pass the Drop


A lack of concentration can make it difficult for students to learn. Designed to be used in a group or classroom setting, this app helps to focus students’ attention on the work at hand. I’ll let the kids show you:

Download here for iOS and here on Samsung tablets.



Quill is a literacy tool that builds students’ grammar skills through personalized writing and proofreading activities. It teaches writing, grammar, and vocabulary skills to K-12 students and provides instant feedback and personalized activities. Teachers can save time grading homework and easily generate differentiated learning paths. Quill Progress Reports also help ascertain students’ mastery of the rigorous tests that measure students’ college and career readiness. Quill currently features three apps: Quill Grammar, Quill Proofreader, and Quill Writer.

Settle Your Glitter


Sometimes students need help calming their strong emotions. This app guides students through a deep breathing exercise that allows them to regain control of their emotions and shift their focus back to learning. Let’s try mindful breathing:

Download here on iOS and here on Samsung tablets.

Time to put down the sunscreen, plug in your device, and get downloading! And stay tuned here for more insights from AT&T Aspire as we head back to school.

Here’s to a great 2015-16 school year!

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Jacob Saperstein, Director of Innovation Policy and Social Investment at AT&T, is based in San Francisco, CA.

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