2013 Annual Update

Welcome to our 2013 Sustainability Report. Browse our reporting links below or refer to our PDF for high level findings.

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Each year we issue an annual sustainability update to summarize our work from the past year, capture progress toward our goals, review key performance indicators and discuss our present and anticipated challenges and opportunities. Our condensed Annual Sustainability Update PDF provides high-level findings and top stories while additional information and data on specific topics can be found throughout our site and in our Issue Brief Library. For the most timely and relevant updates throughout the year, we invite you to check out our Blog.

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High-level findings

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Showcases our programs and progress throughout the year

Issue Brief Library

In-depth topic information

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Go Deeper

We hope you'll go deeper with our data. The following links point to our key reporting data.


Issue Brief Library

Our collection of issue briefs cover data and information on all of our sustainability-related topics. We update our issue brief library periodically:

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Key Performance Indicators

Review the metrics by which we measure progress:

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2014 Goals and Progress Toward 2013 Goals

Review the goals that we use to promote advancement against our most important topics:

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Progress Toward 2014 Goals

Review the progress that we have made to our 2014 Goals:

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Materiality Assessment

Read about how we engage stakeholders to identify the topics most relevant to our business success and see how topics are prioritized:

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Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

See how our reporting efforts align to an internationally accepted sustainability reporting framework: 

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CDP Climate Change Response

Reference our response to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)'s Climate Change Questionnaire:

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External Recognition

We have received external recognition for our commitment to volunteerism and other company initiatives: 

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Sustainability Report Archives

We're proud of our history of sustainability reporting, and set benchmarks each year to improve:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find more information about the policies that govern our work, and answers to frequently asked questions:

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Top Stories from 2013

Take a look back at some of our favorite stories from 2013.