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State and Local Government Solutions

AT&T government solutions connects state and local government agencies to new technology solutions. With AT&T state and local government solutions, agencies can serve constituents in new ways.

About AT&T Government Solutions

  • Mobile Solutions

    Mobile solutions allow workers to be more effective and efficient from almost anywhere. Whether it's managing assets, protecting mobile devices or meeting the demand of citizens, AT&T provides mobile solutions that enable government on the go.

    Mobile Applications for Citizens

    Mobile applications for government agencies aim to create a better citizen experience. Through mobile apps, governments can communicate with citizens in the language of their choice, offer greater transparency on service requests, help answer constituent questions and provide access to information.

    Services like AT&T Community Central allow citizens to access local resources through an easy-to-use application. Fully hosted and managed by AT&T, smaller local communities can provide the same level of service as the largest cities and counties. San Diego County is using a customized application that has brought together emergency notification, response and preparedness in a mobile application that goes wherever citizens go.

    Mobile Applications for Employees

    For many public sector employees, being on the job means being in the community even when your resources are back in the office. Employees don't want their physical location to limit their productivity. With location tracking and resource management, employees can clock in and out, keep up with safety and compliance, submit forms remotely and digitally access office data.

    For more information, check out our guide to Creating and Implementing a Holistic Mobility Strategy, designed to help the public sector develop the best mobile resources for the public.

  • Transformation

    As governments look for new ways to unite and serve constituents, technology has the power to help.

    Agencies have found clever ways to get more for public dollars by replacing old phone systems with IP networks, simplifying management processes, enabling mobile workers and controlling costs.

    State and local governments can use AT&T's on-demand, scalable Cloud solutions to help save IT costs while accelerating the delivery of citizen services. Cloud-computing abilities can simplify processes such as voter registration, elections, taxes and payroll runs. Cloud-storage can provide flexible data storage capacity as needed for archived records such as birth, death, marriage, property and tax.

    Here are examples of how we are helping state and local governments:

    The East Bay Regional Park District IT organization operates a number of organization-wide applications including payroll, email, mapping and public safety systems. To meet its needs, the District locally saves certain information, but also relies on externally hosted services for others, primarily to ensure that critical data is available in the event of an earthquake or other local emergency. Working with AT&T, East Bay has a cost-effective, off-site cloud storage solution for park district applications.

    Detroit Water and Sewerage is one of the largest municipal water authorities in the nation. AT&T helped DWSD transition to cloud computing to quickly turn up new applications without investing in or maintaining hardware, allowing for enhanced service at a reduced cost.

  • Public Safety

    From call to car to crisis, AT&T offers mission critical solutions for public safety personnel.

    Communication is critical in an emergency. AT&T delivers a range of solutions to meet the critical information needs of public safety agencies, including AT&T Enhanced Push to Talk, which provides instant communications to a variety of agencies.

    When assessing an emergency, a video, photo or text from the scene can be worth a thousand words. Today, standards are being developed to enable text, video and images to be sent to 9-1-1 dispatchers. Here's an example of how AT&T is working with the Navy's emergency communication department to deploy state of the art equipment and services for NG9-1-1.

    When disaster strikes, communication becomes the first line of defense for emergency services. With AT&T solutions, critical communication streams can continue to function. AT&T's experience in network disaster recovery can help communities prepare for the unpredictable today.

  • Security

    Security solutions from AT&T are designed to protect critical agency and citizen data so you can focus on serving your community. Carrying over 24.7 petabytes of data a day, the power of the AT&T proactive and intelligent network helps you safeguard your data to protect citizen information and the public trust.

    The State of Texas Department of Internal Resources (DIR) is working with AT&T to improve numerous technologies for the state – including robust services in security, networking, cloud technology, wireless and much more. AT&T is enhancing the state's Security Incident Event Management platform, giving the state a deeper view into potential threats. And it's helping the state move such services from its premises to a cloud environment.

AT&T Connects Communities With Mobile App* now offers an easier way for small-to-mid size governments to connect with citizens using AT&T Community Central, a cloud-based mobile application that enables government entities to more effectively and dynamically communicate with citizens. Community members can use a smartphone or tablet to access helpful information such as maps and directories and immediately report city-related problems.

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