Global Accessibility Awareness Day spotlights the importance of online inclusion for all. Find out why digital accessibility matters
This Global Accessibility Awareness Day, AT&T joins the call to work toward online inclusion for all. Take the digital accessibility challenge now

We understand different needs

What is accessibility? It’s ensuring that the things people depend on throughout their daily lives are usable regardless of whether a person has a disability. Statistics show that more than 1 billion people worldwide have a disability or an access need.

Accessibility is about making sure that everyone can partake in what the world has to offer. It's about all of us.

Let’s connect | AT&T and accessibility, 3:24
Our leaders weigh in on how AT&T approaches accessibility for its disabled customers through smart technology and a compassionate mindset that includes us all.

Determination. Innovation. Inspiration.

Read stories of how these aspirations converge in accessibility
for the more than 61 million people in the U.S. living with disabilities.

Accessing Your World

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Accessibility News

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