August 22, 2023

Say Hello to AT&T Internet Air! Plug-And-Play Home Wi-Fi Installed in Less Than 15 Minutes

Erin Scarborough
Erin Scarborough President, Broadband and Connectivity Initiatives, AT&T

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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Updates will be shared on our AT&T Internet Air webpage going forward. 


AT&T Internet Air is our new fixed wireless home internet service. In other words, it’s home Wi-Fi delivered over our reliable wireless network1. Customers can easily self-install AT&T Internet Air in five steps and be up and running in less than 15 minutes. And have an ongoing optimized and secure connection thereafter!

Over the past year, our team has been hard at work identifying customer pain points, like legacy internet options, and created a solution by utilizing available network capacity in areas that are less densely populated while still providing a strong connection. Thus, AT&T Internet Air was born.

We’ve already rolled out AT&T Internet Air to existing copper-based customers with great success. As we begin to scale, we are hyper-focused on selecting locations with enough wireless coverage and capacity to deliver not only a great in-home experience, but also maintain a top-notch wireless service for our existing mobile users.

Upon opening the box, customers will scan a QR code to access a step-by-step guide providing clear instructions. Plus, our AT&T Smart Home Manager app makes set-up fool-proof with the use of a unique feature that helps you find the best spot in your home with the strongest connection. We also offer add-on Wi-Fi extenders to create a whole-home mesh Wi-Fi eliminating dead zones2.

While connectivity will always be our focus, we understand customers want a product that is visually appealing and easy to use. AT&T Internet Air sports a sleek and modern look that seamlessly blends into any design aesthetic.

Having created a product with a clean design and simple set-up, it’s only fitting that we offer AT&T Internet Air with one simple plan and straightforward pricing. For $55 a month plus taxes3, AT&T Internet Air has no overage fees, no price increase at 12 months, no equipment fees and no annual contract. Coupled with AT&T ActiveArmorSM internet security included4, customers can stream and surf the web with peace of mind.

AT&T Internet Air is also eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) providing eligible households with a benefit of up to $30 a month (up to $75 a month on qualifying Tribal lands5) to reduce the cost of broadband service.

I’m incredibly proud of this product and we look forward to providing the best connectivity solutions to customers over the coming weeks and months.

For more information about AT&T Internet Air, customers in announced locations should go to their local retail store or visit AT&T Internet Air.

Previous updates

Tuesday, January 30, 2024
Celebrating the continued expansion of AT&T Internet Air, we are now in 59 locations, including San Diego, CA; Baltimore, MD; San Antonio, TX; Austin, TX; Charlotte, NC; Raleigh-Durham, NC; West Palm Beach-Fort Pierce, FL; Oklahoma City, OK; Indianapolis, IN; Buffalo, NY; Jacksonville, FL; Harlingen-Weslaco-Brownsville-McAllen, TX; Tulsa, OK; Santa Barbara-Santa Maria-SLO, CA; Ft. Myers-Naples, FLO; Little Rock-Pine Bluff, AR; Panama City, FL; Syracuse, NY; Tallahassee, FL; Thomasville, GA; Sherman, TX; Ada, OK; Corpus Christi, TX; Beaumont-Port Arthur, TX; Laredo, TX, Victoria, TX, and many more!

, December 4, 2023
Added 1 new location today in areas of Milwaukee, WI.

November 12023
Added 13 new locations today, including areas of Albany, NY; Bakersfield, CA; Charleston, WV; Columbus, OH; Houston, TX; Kansas City, MO; Miami, FL; Norfolk-Portsmouth-Newport, VA; Rochester, NY; Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, CA; St. Louis, MO; Wilkes Barre, PA; Youngstown, OH.

September 6, 2023
Added 4 new locations today, including areas of Cleveland-Akron (Canton), OH; Denver, CO; Orlando/Gainesville, FL; Providence, RI-New Bedford, MA.

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