More than ever, our homes have become the epicenter for family, entertainment, school and work. AT&T is hyper-focused on providing customers with a fast, reliable connection and quality internet experience. And now, AT&T Fiber customers can experience up to 5-Gigs of symmetrical upload and download speeds with our multi-gig fiber.

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Where can I get AT&T Fiber?

Demand for fast, reliable, and affordable broadband internet has never been higher, and our fiber experience is here to meet it.


We currently offer broadband internet via AT&T Fiber to 18.5 million customer locations in 100+ metros in the U.S. 


AT&T Fiber is available to more households than any other fiber provider1and is the fastest2 internet among major internet service providers.


In addition to our home fiber internet, more than 675,000 U.S. business buildings are lit with fiber from AT&T. 

Why AT&T Fiber? 

Whether you’re working, schooling, entertaining or connecting from home, AT&T Fiber has the speed and bandwidth to tackle it all. 

What are we doing to help others get connected? 

Every American should be connected to the internet and we’re doing our part to make it so. 

AT&T is making a $2B commitment between 2021-2023 to help bridge the Digital Divide.    


We’re also committed to providing continuing affordable service for low-income households. Our new Access from AT&T plan – when combined with the federal Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) – provides free home internet service for eligible households.   


AT&T is participating in the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program to help make broadband more affordable for millions of American households. 


We created AT&T Connected Learning in 2021 to invest in digital inclusion, digital literacy and digital learning solutions to help today’s students and their families succeed wherever they learn – at home, in the community and in the classroom. 

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