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The AT&T Intellectual Property ("IP") website contains information on AT&T IP that is potentially available for purchase or license. The information is presented for discussion purposes only and is not a legally binding offer to sell, to license or otherwise to transfer rights in any of the IP referenced on the website. AT&T is not obligated to enter into any contract with you and no agreement to sell, to license or otherwise to transfer IP rights will exist until a written contract has been signed by both you and an authorized representative of AT&T. AT&T may reject any offer it receives to purchase or license IP in its sole discretion pursuant to applicable law. Should you and AT&T engage in discussions concerning the possible sale or license of certain AT&T IP, AT&T may in its sole discretion pursuant to applicable law, at any time during such discussions (but prior to a written agreement signed by both you and AT&T), decide not to license or to sell any IP to you and/or to others. Further, AT&T may remove IP from the listings, add new IP or otherwise modify the IP listed on the IP website at any time without any advance notice to you.

The information presented on the AT&T IP website does not include any legal advice concerning or related to the IP. The listings of any patents, technology (including software), trademarks, domain names, data and associated descriptions, if any, shall not be construed as any representation, warranty or opinion relating to the scope of IP rights associated with such listings nor shall such listings be considered as notice or accusation of infringement of the IP. Should you be interested in the possibility of acquiring rights to AT&T IP, you should retain separate and independent legal counsel to advise and represent you in any negotiations or transactions concerning such possible acquisition.

AT&T makes no representations and extends no warranties to you of any kind (whether express or implied) relating to the IP listed, referenced or described on the AT&T IP website, and all representations and warranties are hereby disclaimed, including the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.

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