AT&T Intellectual Property identifies, protects, develops, markets, licenses and sells the intellectual property for AT&T worldwide.

AT&T Intellectual Property:

  • manages one of the world's largest and most valuable intellectual property portfolios
  • owns approximately 10,000 patents worldwide
  • directs a robust intellectual property licensing and sales program
  • owns one of the world's most valuable brands, AT&T

Our philosophy is to optimally protect AT&T's intellectual property, respect the intellectual property of others and license or sell AT&T's intellectual property to others for fostering continued innovation in society.


In the News

The History of AT&T TechnologyThe History of AT&T Technology
In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell rushed to the patent office to claim his invention of the telephone . Before that, the only way to have a conversation with someone in real-time was in person. Now, it's hard to imagine a world where technology isn't driving our communications. This invention led to the creation of AT&T.
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AT&T Patents: Imagining Tomorrow's Experiences TodayAT&T Patents: Imagining Tomorrow's Experiences Today
AT&T has contributed more than 12,500 active patents, giving the company one of the strongest patent portfolios in the industry. In fact, we receive an average of five patents per day.
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Secrets of Innovation from a Top Inventor – Celebrating 200 PatentsSecrets of Innovation from a Top Inventor – Celebrating 200 Patents
It’s no surprise the most valuable asset behind our Intellectual Property (IP) program comes from the great minds of our people. Dale Malik, Director – Innovation and Ecosystems, has had a lot to celebrate during his 33 years at AT&T.
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