Businesses of any kind and any size can infuse Transformational DNA into their organizations. Creating a strong foundation is key, but having a culture ready to transform, be adept at adapting and able to pivot on a dime are necessary to thrive during unexpected times.  

Agility is a learned skill that must be practiced daily. Intertwine efficiencies and tag the roadblocks that can be removed to move swiftly towards the end goal.

One of the most integral responsibilities for a leader is to establish, foster and sustain a high performing culture. To move a large organization in a new, positive direction requires much more than a top-down approach. It’s a wavelike motion starting at the top of the organization, but the movement quickly needs reciprocation from the bottom.

We achieved a strong cultural foundation by cementing a multilayered approach reinforcing three main elements – be the best that you can, help make everyone around you successful, and do something every day for no credit.

Here are eight ways to form Transformational DNA within your organization:

  1. Customer Success Obsessed We are living in the age of the customer. Embrace it. Analyze how actions benefit the customer and look for ways to improve the process, technology and solution to be best-in-class for your customer.
  2. Define your North Star Clear goals, free from interpretation and laid out without contradiction, eliminate distractions for your organization.
  3. A (TMO) View of Success It is not good enough to simply deliver a project management office (PMO), full value derivation is only truly realized when transforming people, process, technology and culture  - transformation management office (TMO).
  4. Different Problems Require Different Technologies Technology plays a critical role. However, you have to select the technology very carefully (fit for purpose) and ensure it is in service of business and not a goal unto itself. Solutions should be solving problems, not looking for them.
  5. Commit to a Framework Technology cannot stand on its own. Any transformation requires interweaving people, process, technology and culture.
  6. The Most Important Element: Culture Individuals need to be engaged, and teams need to be high performing. Extreme ownership and a mission to make those around you successful promote a “lean in” practice.
  7. OpsDev Make it a continual practice to have developers sit directly with operations teams, observing fast-paced flows in real time, then deploying highly effective enhancements and fixes.
  8. Recruit Everyone Recruit everyone’s minds and hearts. A broad and deep collection of transformation-minded individuals can be the difference between collective execution as opposed to endless stakeholdering.

As we said at the beginning of the blog series, change is the only constant. It’s going to happen and will always happen, so how can you get ahead of it? How will your culture embrace change? Are you ready to pivot quickly?

We hope that our story will spur innovative ideas on how you can infuse Transformational DNA into your organization – no matter the industry or size of the company. Thanks for tuning in and we look forward to your sharing your perspectives.