The Batmobile in the 1997 “Batman and Robin” movie featured a built-in TV set and other electronics not found in most other late ‘90s cars. I suppose you could call it “connected.” If you’re still driving a car from that era, it’s probably not connected like today’s smart cars. That’s about to change for car owners who use a plug-in solution from AT&T called Car Connection 2.0. This is an upgrade to our current Audiovox Car Connection Elite product and will offer more functions designed to increase safety, control and convenience in the car.  Car Connection 2.0 is now available in AT&T retail stores.

Customers who already have the Audiovox Car Connection Elite device can upgrade to the new Car Connection 2.0 solution by downloading the upgraded app to their smartphone. And, new customers can purchase the plug-in device for $99 plus $10 a month for a data plan from AT&T*.

Car owners who use Car Connection 2.0 will be able to utilize a variety of new functions geared toward control and security. For example, parents can monitor a teenager’s driving behavior with driver scoring. The app delivers these scores based on driving habits and you can set up special zones where a vehicle is allowed to go.

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