The big day is quickly approaching; everything is falling into place. So, how about we make it high tech? Check us out on @ATT, Facebook, and AT&T on Instagram for the latest wedding tips. #Effortless

High Tech Tips

We’ve all been to a wedding where disposable cameras are peppered on all the tables and guests are asked to take pictures throughout the occasion. A great concept! But, what if instead of getting a million disposable cameras, you put a selfie stick on each table? What a fun, easy way to add some tech to your wedding.

Knowing a ton of those selfie stick pictures will immediately be posted to social media, you’re going to want a wedding hashtag posted with it so all the photos can be found in one place. Make it easy for guests to remember what the hashtag is by printing it on cocktail napkins. That way no selfie goes rogue.

You could even up the ante and get the ZTE Projector to broadcast the social stream throughout the reception. That gets the guests more involved and excited to post in the moment.

And, with Rollover Data, unused plan data rolls over for one month. Think of all the selfies you could take…no need to go on a “data diet” before this big day!

If you’re lucky enough to be headed to a destination wedding, make sure to stay connected with World Connect Value.