By Brandi Smith, AT&T News Team

Imagine yourself coming back from vacation. You’re ready to show the office all the fun you and your family had. You took pictures and recorded videos the entire time, but when you get ready to share, they’re distorted, noisy and poorly shot.

1. Cut down distortion. Do your videos sound fuzzy? Place tape over the microphone hole(s) to reduce the amount of sound entering the mic.

2. Follow the basic rules. Respecting the rule of thirds, which divides a frame into a 3 x 3 grid will help you create more brag worthy shots. Pay attention to how you frame your subject, and don’t always go for the obvious shot. Try placing your subject somewhere other than the center of the frame.

3. Use airplane mode when recording videos. This blocks noisy notifications from messing up videos.

4. Use flash outdoors. The sun can cause unpleasant facial shadows. It may seem strange to use your flash during the day, but it will lighten the face and eliminate these shadows. Also, make sure you’re within the maximum flash range which is less than 15 feet – about 5 steps away.

5. Build your own accessories and be resourceful! Keeping a smartphone stable and vibration-free is close to impossible without some help. A loop made from 10 feet of string wrapped once around your phone’s body lets you stabilize your shots against tension provided by your foot.

Follow these simple smartphone camera tips, and you’ll be documenting like a pro in no time. Now grab your phone and get out there to celebrate World Photo Day!