Love them or hate them, #Selfie’s are here to stay.

Oxford Dictionaries named Selfie the Word of the Year 2013. Selfie is defined by Oxford as “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.”

So now that selfies are Oxford official, don’t be left in the dust taking an out of focus, lame selfie. Here are a few tips on how to take a great #selfie.

1. Check your lighting

Pictures in general turn out better when the subject is facing the light. Avoid the creepiness below by taking a #selfie in good lighting.


2. Be genuine

If you’re happy, smile! If you’re sad, frown. Whatever you do, don’t pretend to not be looking at the camera when you are clearly aware that you are taking a photo of yourself.


3. Avoid/Don’t Avoid Photobombers

Intentional photobombers can ruin a very cute, bestie #Selfie. They can also turn a not so special ‘don’t’ I look good today #Selfie’ into a piece of socially shareable magic.


4. Keep your hand still

Avoid the total amateur move of a blurry #selfie. Using the photo timer on your phone is a big help. It removes the accidental blurry image, caused by pressing your camera button too hard.


5. Make it interesting

We’re past the plain #selfie. Get creative! #selfie on the ground, #selfie on a swing, #selfie with a #selfie, give people a reason to click that ‘Like’ button.


6. Get a great front facing camera phone.

A great front facing camera will ensure the best quality selfie. The front facing camera also helps you frame yourself so you avoid the super close up. 


7. Above all else, embrace the #selfie.

You didn’t get that new high res camera cell phone for nothing! Don’t be ashamed that you want to get in on the #selfie game.