In 2014, the Internet of Things has impacted the homes we live in, the cars we drive and even our wardrobes. So why not use M2M technology to take away the pain of cleaning? Intellibot Robotics LLC is the only U.S. manufacturer of robotic, commercial floor cleaners. They manufacture and sell robotic floor cleaners for commercial use (in education, healthcare, airports, manufacturing, offices, and hospitality buildings).

Intellibot machines offer Hands-Free Cleaning® - they have multiple sensors providing 360-degree visibility so they can clean on their own. Using our M2M solution, they wirelessly send real-time reports on individual machines or entire fleets that tell users:

  • Who ran the machine
  • Date of use and start time
  • Exact areas cleaned
  • Total cleaning time
  • Total hours since installation
  • If there were any problems (many of which can be remotely resolved)

Learn more about M2M Solutions by visiting our M2M Media Kit.


Check out this demo of how the technology works.