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  • Overview

    As a leader in machine-to machine (M2M) communications, AT&T is helping to lead the emergence of the real-time, adaptive enterprise. Our goal is to help drive wireless capabilities into a wide variety of devices beyond traditional handsets, allowing our business customers to reduce operational costs and enable new revenue opportunities.

    AT&T defines M2M communications as a set of networking and IT technologies, which connects the physical systems of the world such as power meters, trucks, containers, cars, pipelines, wind farm turbines, vending machines and any electronic device which would benefit from 2-way communications.

    AT&T has a proven M2M success record, with millions of emerging devices in active service and industry analyst recognition for solution deployment experience and capability.

    • Recently, AT&T has seen increasing demand for M2M solutions. Connected device opportunities with business customers have tripled in the past year.
    • As of Q1 2014, AT&T has 17 million connected devices on our network.
    • AT&T has certified 1,800 connected devices and that number is growing.

    M2M solutions have the potential to extend the reach of your business, allowing you to capture information and control resources almost anywhere, to change processes within your organization and to develop enhanced customer services. There has never been a better time to explore the possibilities of M2M and its potential for providing a competitive advantage in your industry.

    Visit AT&T M2M Solutions for more information on our M2M services.

  • Use Cases

    With mobile communications now an integral part of the modern enterprise, executives are increasingly willing to explore M2M solutions as ways to gain a competitive advantage:

    • Shippers track containers, trucks, and high-value or temperature-sensitive cargo.
    • Car and equipment rental companies locate, monitor and remotely lock or unlock vehicles.
    • Utilities use smart meters to monitor the electricity grid and isolate problems.
    • Retailers can track and restock inventory.
    • Service providers can plan routing of client site calls.

    M2M devices are being integrated into digital billboards, allowing changes based on time of day or day of week and enabling global updates to be performed from a central location. They are also being embedded into traditional and electric vehicles to enable the owner to monitor and control vehicle charge settings, plan journeys, locate charging stations and pre-heat or cool the car. Automakers and other manufacturers are also making extensive use of M2M to monitor, control and connect complex systems that link individual machine components on the plant floor with advanced control systems and, ultimately, manufacturing or enterprise resource planning software.

    Healthcare is another area of great potential, with M2M platforms being developed to support chronic disease management, general wellness and fitness, and help the elderly who choose to remain living in their own homes. In addition, the pharmaceutical supply chain continues to evolve and will require greater M2M visibility of product being distributed around the world.

    Companies around the world are turning to technology not only to transform the way they do business, but also to stand out as a leader in their respective industries.

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