Today we’re introducing an exciting, upcoming addition to our threat intelligence portfolio at the Annual AT&T Cyber Security Conference in New York City. The AT&T Security Resource Center will be an all-in-one threat intelligence for infosec specialists, IT managers, and senior security leaders.

Individuals on the front lines fighting today’s determined and sophisticated attacks need real-time information on potential threats. They also need information to help advise non-technical employees on security policy and the myriad security issues that get reported in the media.

So, we’re creating the AT&T Security Resource Center with the following benefits:

  • Threat Intelligence: Receive real-time alerts and information about threat levels and locations from around the world — as well as the top ongoing vulnerabilities, malware, and phishing attacks.
  • Discussion Communities: Browse and contribute to an active, moderated security community for professional answers, resources, and more.
  • Personalized Content: Build your own reading list and follow the experts of your choice.
  • Mobile App: Stay up to date on the latest security news and alerts on the go, as well as your reading list, topics, and access to experts you follow.

Getting security right has never been more important – to your company and your customers.


During these heightened economic times, customers are tapping into our expertise as they execute their security plans. At AT&T we carry more than 60 Petabytes of data and analyze 500+ million security events on our network every day. Security is embedded in our network. It is our DNA. In fact, more than 500 security leaders are at AT&T’s Annual Cyber Security Conference in New York City today to discuss the following:

  1. Cybersecurity is simply the way to do business. 
  2. Proactive detection and response systems, guided by trusted threat intelligence are required.
  3. Network visibility and control provide the best combination for detecting and neutralizing threats. 
  4. Business complexity requires security strategies to be easily deployed and enforced. 

To learn more about this resource center or 4 reasons why businesses can’t ignore cybersecurity, check out our Network Exchange Blog.

And if you’re not with us in NYC this week, you can still register to view the AT&T Cyber Security Conference via webstream here.