Happy President’s Day! We’re taking a look back at some major technology milestones from past presidents. Would you have ever considered Abraham Lincoln a techie? Did you know Benjamin Harrison was the first president to live in White House with wired electricity? Or that Calvin Coolidge was the first president to light a holiday tree on the White House lawn?

We’ve made great strides since Abe Lincoln first used the telegraph in 1862. And we’re sure there are more technology firsts to come at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Celebrate President’s Day by checking out these presidential firsts.

James Monroe 1819: first to ride on a steamboat

Andrew Jackson 1833: first to ride a train

John Quincy Adams 1843: first to be photographed

Abraham Lincoln 1862: sent the first presidential telegraph

Rutherford B. Hayes 1877: had the first telephone and typewriter in the White House

Benjamin Harrison 1891: first to live in White House with wired electricity

Warren G. Harding first president announced as an official winner on live broadcast television and have his voice transmitted over radio

Calvin Coolidge 1923: lit first a tree on the White House lawn

Harry Truman: took the first plunge in a submarine

John F. Kennedy: president when first hotline was established between Moscow and the White House

Jimmy Carter 1979: installed first solar panels on the White House roof

Bill Clinton: first to have a White House website, send an email and participate in an online chat

Barack Obama: appointed first cyber-security czar

What’s your favorite presidential technology milestone?