Family game night used to be a time where families would sit around their linoleum table, sipping tang and playing Monopoly. With today’s busy world,  it’s hard to get everyone to sit down at one table, let alone put their devices down for a minute.

This holiday season, after all the new devices are unwrapped, or you’re waiting for the ball to drop, don’t sit and play Candy Crush alone. Bring family game night up to speed with one of the great group apps below.

Heads Up!’ is a fun game brought to you by the Ellen DeGeneres show.  Teams pick a category like act-it-out, animals or music and hold their device up against their forehead. Your friends and family will act out, or shout out clues to what word is showing up on the screen.  Guess  the item correctly and flip the device down-need to pass, flip the device up. See how many items your team can get right in 1 minute. The best part, the device records your family members acting out their clues.

Monopoly HD is a revamp of a classic board game. The fun graphics, and quick banking brings the game to life.

Backwords Premium is a fun word game for the whole crew. “Take a phrase, reverse it, mimic how it sounds reversed, and reverse that to hear a (hilarious) version of the original phrase.” It's up to players to recreate the word backwards as best as possible, so it can be interpreted back to its actual word by other players.

Party Doodles will put your family’s drawing skills to the test. Use the virtual chalkboard to draw the word you pull from a variety of difficulty levels and topics.

Marble Mixer brings the old school game of shooting marbles back to life. Players flick virtual marbles towards a rotating board. Where you land, or don’t land, determines how many points you get.  The space level turns this classic game into a virtual marble royal-rumble.