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There are many things you can do to help protect yourself from fraud and keep your accounts and devices safe. A good place to start is with our top five security tips.

Top 5 Tips

Additional Security Tips

For increased security, add a passcode to your accounts that do not already have one and change any default passcodes to strengthen them. You can easily do this through your AT&T account management page or by contacting the customer service number on your bill.

Change “default” passwords on equipment and devices. Scammers know default passwords and leaving it unchanged leaves you open to hackers.

Only share information over the phone if you made the call to a number you know is right.

Ignore phone calls from numbers you do not recognize.

If you get a call and later realize it may not have been legitimate, contact the government agency or company to verify. Call the entity’s phone number found from a trusted source.

Only provide remote access to your computer when you have initiated the service call and know the company is legitimate.

Create multiple passwords to use on different websites.


Reporting Fraud

Fraudsters can try to take advantage of you by phone, email, text or social media. If you think you are a victim of fraud, or someone tried to scam you, be sure you report it. If the suspicious activity involves your AT&T account – contact the Fraud Department @ 800-337-5373.

If you have a general comment or question, not related to AT&T or your AT&T account, please share it here.

You may also report suspicious activity to the FTC and Anti-phishing working group.

To find out more about reporting fraud, check out our Resources page.