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AT&T Accepts the Final Rose for Key GWS Categories

In the Most Dramatic Season Yet, AT&T Wins Most Reliable 5G Network and Highest 5G Availability

What’s the news?  The results are in and one thing is for sure: customers on AT&T 5G have an *amazing* connection. According to the latest 5G findings from Global Wireless Solutions (GWS), AT&T* was awarded the top spot in key categories, including 5G network reliability and availability.1 And the 5G feeling is real. GWS conducted 8 million controlled tests on 5G network performance across all 50 states to get results.

The one you can rely on. As the most reliable 5G network, AT&T is who you can count on. You shouldn’t have to worry about being rudely interrupted during browsing sessions or an app breaking up with you for no reason. AT&T 5G is designed to ensure you can scroll, stream and browse with near flawless reliability and a success rate of 99.5%. From day one, we’ve built AT&T 5G to be fast, reliable and secure. Our priority is YOU – our customers - and our teams’ dedication has solidified AT&T as the 5G provider you can depend on -- and the GWS win proves it.

We’re super available. Your search for 5G is over when it comes to AT&T. The GWS report named AT&T the leader in 5G availability - and the data is clear. The study found devices connected to AT&T 5G over 20% more in the top 10 markets compared to 5G on other carriers. AT&T 5G offers nationwide coverage, reaching more than 250 million people across the country. But we’re not done. Our 5G network growth is ahead of schedule this year and continues to expand.2

Here for the right reasons. With AT&T, you get the full package. AT&T 5G is fast, reliable, secure and here to connect you to everything you love. It’s part of our commitment to un-complicate the wireless industry – because picking a 5G provider shouldn’t be the hardest decision you’ve ever had to make. At AT&T, loving 5G is easy.

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1 Based on nationwide GWS drive test data. GWS conducts paid drive tests for AT&T and uses the data in its analysis.

2 AT&T 5G requires a compatible plan and device. 5G is not available everywhere. See for coverage details.