January 29, 2024

Venturing Out: AT&T’s Investment Arm Growing Portfolio Around Connectivity Innovation

Vikram Taneja
Vikram Taneja Head of AT&T Ventures, AT&T

AT&T Ventures is Expanding Outreach to Find and Fund Startups in Connectivity, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Other Game-Changing Tech Areas

AT&T has long been synonymous with connectivity innovation. This is thanks to our deep history of nurturing winning innovations that enhance people’s lives. For 147 years and counting, our team has scouted and supported ground-breaking technologies that have altered the course of society from the first telephone to movies with sound to the cellular phone, space-based communications, artificial intelligence and more.

Our focus on innovation has resulted in thousands of patents, Nobel Prizes and a lasting legacy of connecting people to greater possibility. To support the rapidly growing ecosystem driving connectivity innovation forward, we’re expanding the outreach of AT&T Ventures – our internal venture investment arm.

Through AT&T Ventures, we’re focused on pushing the boundaries of what’s possible by engaging with startups, early-stage companies and other venture funds developing connectivity-centric technologies that need capital, guidance and support to get to the next level.

In recent months, we’ve completed deals with companies like:

Databricks: We’ve had a long and beneficial relationship with Databricks. AT&T has hundreds of AI and machine learning models in production that drive value to our customers and our company. The Databricks Data Intelligence Platform is a key component of our target architecture. It has a robust roadmap to create and enable more AI solutions that allow us to continue to increase the value we deliver with data and AI. We’re excited about Databricks’ progress in Generative AI and our investment in the company.

: Formed in 2019 out of a partnership between the Green Bay Packers and Microsoft, TitletownTech is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in entrepreneurs solving meaningful problems in industries core to Wisconsin and the north-central region of the United States. In 2023, TitletownTech successfully closed its second fund of $70 million, bringing its total assets under management to $95 million.

AST SpaceMobile
: We’re proud to collaborate with AST SpaceMobile – a true pioneer in advancing space-based cellular connectivity. AST has conducted several groundbreaking tests with AT&T spectrum - including the first-ever space-based voice and video calls to unmodified phones on both LTE and 5G networks. Our investment in AST SpaceMobile is yet another step forward in making our shared vision of making broadband connectivity accessible to all a reality.

What technologies are we looking to invest in?

  • Network and edge computing – We have the largest wireless network in North America1, the most reliable 5G network2. We continue to scale standalone 5G and have launched  5G edge zones that could bring users closer to the network. Very soon, we’ll be giving developers and businesses access to network capabilities that will allow them to harness the power of the AT&T network to create new connectivity experiences.
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – Across manufacturing, logistics, healthcare and more we’re integrating highly reliable IoT connectivity to help our customers automate and streamline operations. This includes use cases in robotics, mixed reality, gaming, smart cities, and digital twins.
  • Connected home and consumer solutions – We remain committed to enhancing the customer experience by continually investing in our networks to provide best-in-class fiber and wireless services. We’re focused on innovating and collaborating with others to deliver the best way to connect customers no matter where they are. 
  • Next-gen transportation – We’re focused on expanding end-to-end connectivity across the entire transportation ecosystem and have established relationships with major automotive original equipment manufacturers.
  • Cybersecurity – We hold more than 1,000 security-related patents in areas including identity management and cloud automation.
  • Generative AI – AT&T helped launch the field of “artificial intelligence” in the 1950s, and today we have deployed our generative AI tool called Ask AT&T to more than 60,000 employees.

We’re looking at companies across the globe that are creating products and services that can be used in our core markets. While we’re not disclosing funding amounts or the size of our overall fund, our early-stage investments will generally range from Seed funding up to Series B stage companies, and we look forward to meeting a wide range of startups and entrepreneurs.

If you think you might be a good fit for our fund, you can visit AT&T Ventures or contact us here.

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