Together, we faced many cybersecurity issues in 2022 – from suspicious text messages to hybrid workspaces. Cyber Aware provided important updates and tips to help you stay safe.

We put together this review of the year’s cyber challenges and potential solutions.

A (Safe) Return to Normal

For many, 2022 established a new “normal.” We settled into hybrid work environments and resumed some of those lifestyle items we’d put on hold.

New Ways to Protect Yourself

You may already be familiar with passwords and 2-factor confirmation.

Knowledge is Power

As we approach a new year, good cybersecurity habits will remain your best defense against bad guys. But we recognize all the options and jargon can be confusing.

With that in mind, we shared some simple information about security features you can use. We also came up with a fun way to check your knowledge when it comes to understanding terms and technology. Test yourself and see how many you know.

We hope these items helped you stay safe and cyber secure in 2022. We’re looking forward to continuing to work together in 2023.