Connectivity is critical for success and prosperity in America today. Whether it’s a first-generation high school graduate applying for college, a veteran accessing telehealth services, or a grandparent connecting with their family thousands of miles away — we want to help unlock greater possibility for the millions of people who remain unconnected. The pace of innovation and the global economy aren’t waiting on anyone, and we’re committed to bringing connectivity and digital literacy in reach for all Americans.”

- John Stankey, CEO

Connectivity is a bridge to possibility
, improving the way we move through our daily lives, succeeding in work and school, and having a fair chance in the global economy. Not everyone has access to the opportunities that connectivity brings. This is the digital divide, and today it hinders millions1 of Americans from having the information they need to thrive in this modern world.

At AT&T, we are driven to connect people, and we’re putting the best of our reach and resources to work to bring the benefits of the internet to all. And it’s going to take more than one bridge to get there.  

That’s why we are closing the digital divide together by focusing not only on access to affordable high-speed internet, but also the skills and community resources that encourage  safe and successful adoption.

With millions in the United States still lacking internet, isolating them from digital literacy skills and a pathway to economic opportunity, AT&T recently announced it is committing an additional $3 billion by 2030 to help close the digital divide, bringing the company’s total commitment to $5 billion since 2021. This cumulative commitment includes an ambitious goal to help 25 million people get and stay connected to affordable, high-speed internet access throughout this decade.

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