Combined Engineering, IoT Expertise Can Help Fast Track Solutions for Prevas Customers in Industrial Automation, Asset Management, and Other Sectors

AT&T* and Swedish IT and engineering company, Prevas, are joining forces to fast track IoT and connected services for global industries and vertical markets. The 3-year deal will help businesses apply our global and highly secure IoT solutions with the industrial design engineering know-how of Prevas.

The goal? To help Prevas customers get their connected products and services to market quickly.

For more than 30 years, Prevas has served companies in industries such as automotive, defense, energy, healthcare, engineering and technology. It provides these businesses with asset management, product development and IT professional services. Now, Prevas is using its expertise alongside our IoT technology capability. It’s a business model that can help Prevas quickly integrate IoT services into its global operations and customer projects.

“We have a passion for resolving technology challenges. Our customers look to us to help them tackle Industry 4.0 and industrial IoT. It’s a massive opportunity. Alongside AT&T, we’ll fast track our customers to success with innovative, global smart services,” said Prevas Vice President of Product Development Solutions, Bjorn Andersson.

How it works

Prevas will use our IoT solutions to help its customers easily access their smart operations and services from nearly anywhere in the world. AT&T capabilities include:

  • AT&T’s Global SIM provides IoT connectivity across 500 carriers and 200+ countries and territories
  • The AT&T Control Center manages the IoT connectivity and automation of rules and alerts

IoT engineering for smart medical devices

Prevas makes smart medical devices with built-in sensors for healthcare companies for use in medical clinics as well as at home.  The devices remotely monitor and gather patient data for location tracking, temperature and humidity.  Using our IoT connectivity, Prevas can transfer this data to the cloud of the designated healthcare service provider. This makes for an efficient and easy way for healthcare providers to access the data.  For example, for use in clinical research and diagnosis.

Smart factory floors

Whether it’s developing a mining drill or a complex robotic solution, the safety and efficiency of factory floor operations should not conflict. Prevas also designs smart manufacturing solutions that support safer environments while optimizing operational efficiency.

Our IoT technology can collect and relay performance data from connected systems designed by Prevas in near real-time. This data provides monitoring insights as well as predictive maintenance. They can also provide a way to plan for efficient production and maximum operational uptime. 

Innovating for success

Customers and companies that work with us, like Prevas, also have the opportunity to work with the AT&T Foundry. This is in addition to the Prevas R&D and engineering facilities in Scandinavia. The AT&T Foundry is a network of innovation centers. At the Foundry, we collaborate with startups, technology providers and enterprises to move ideas to market fast. We do this by discussing our customers’ business challenges; then we test, iterate and develop prototypes for innovative technologies, like IoT-enabled smart devices.  

“Our collaboration with Prevas is an example of how we are fueling business transformation with edge-to-edge capabilities. For industrial and hi-tech global businesses looking to get their connected products to market quickly with the help of IoT technology and services, we’re the go-to team. Alongside Prevas, we’re offering a fast track, IoT go-to-market strategy,” said AT&T Region President for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, John Vladimir Slamecka.

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