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  • What is AT&T AdWorks?

    What is AT&T AdWorks?

    With AT&T AdWorks, advertisers can reach their target audiences and measure the response to ads on several screens. That means we glean insights on ads customers see on TVs, smartphones, and tablets. We offer the largest base of addressable TV advertising. We can also reach those same audiences online and over their mobile devices.

    The AT&T AdWorks product suite includes: Addressable TV Advertising, TV Blueprint, AddressablePlus, Interactive TV and Premium Digital Video Advertising (including Otter Media properties). 

    For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter at @ATTAdWorks.

  • AT&T AdWorks in Action

    AT&T AdWorks in Action

    TV Audience Targeting: We can offer a better return on your advertising dollar by combining the precision of DIRECTV’s household addressable targeting with the reach of 70 million TV Blueprint households.  We add our proprietary first-party data and advanced audience targeting abilities to maximize your national TV ad buys.

    Interactive TV: We can create a dynamic two-way conversation with viewers through AT&T AdWorks iTV products. These include in-commercial overlays, dedicated branded iChannels, sponsored TV apps and T-Commerce.

    Multiscreen: With TV Everywhere’s multi-screen abilities, you can extend your brand’s reach in top-tier programming to viewers watching TV on the go. Plus, you can reach your audience across a premium digital video ad inventory from Otter Media properties, including Fullscreen, Crunchy Roll and more. 

    Linear TV: You can buy linear advertising spots across multiple networks and traditional dayparts with guaranteed delivery. Identify and buy on networks that appeal to your target audience with pre-packaged network bundles.

    Research: AdWorks goes beyond traditional post-buying analysis to deliver full cross-screen campaign performance, insights and recommendations through a variety of research offerings.

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