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Our API program for enterprise customers helps business customers, wholesale collaborators and solution providers innovate using our network APIs.

AT&T to Pilot New International Location-Based Service to Help Companies Prevent Fraud

AT&T plans to pilot a new service that arms companies with the ability to confirm the location of participating customers who opt-in to advanced protection against fraud when they travel internationally.  With this service, AT&T is adding a new capability to its Location Information Services portfolio, which helps businesses make financial and mobile transactions safer and easier for AT&T mobile subscribers. Read our blog to learn more.

Additional Information

  • About AT&T Enterprise APIs

    AT&T serves all of the Fortune 1000 global businesses, and thousands of businesses beyond that. We speak with business customers every day and see a need to help them meet three common core technology challenges:

    • Do more with less – AT&T is giving businesses access to technology capabilities on a self-service, pay-as-you go basis, removing the need for up-front capital investment;
    • Harness technology to gain a competitive advantage – AT&T is opening access to a range of capabilities, which allows businesses to quickly and efficiently tailor solutions to their specific needs;
    • Support global ‘untethered’ operations – AT&T will offer carrier-agnostic API toolkits, which are inherently device- and operating system-neutral, to help businesses efficiently create apps and services that can be used on many devices.
  • AT&T Location Information Services-Hybrid

    AT&T* and Sabre, a global travel technology company, are jointly exploring solutions which could usher in a more personalized, stress-free trip experience for travelers.

    Click here to read the full AT&T and Sabre partnership annoucement.