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Small Business Basics

Small business solutions from AT&T provide your business with technology solutions including internet and mobility services. Learn more about AT&T small business services.

Small Business Needs

Small Business Mobility Solutions
At AT&T, we understand the unique needs that small businesses owners have when it comes to running their businesses. We know the important role that technology plays in helping small businesses grow, while keeping revenue high and costs in check. We know how important it is that technology be reliable and current. Lost data, network disruptions, and underperforming technology, including devices and other equipment, could mean huge losses for big corporations, but for small businesses, they can mean that the mortgage doesn’t get paid.

The telecommunications needs of small businesses primarily center around three basic categories:

Innovation and Transformation

Security and Business Continuity

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  • Mobility

    Anytime, virtually anywhere connection is critical to success for small businesses, so wireless devices become a lifeline — helping business owners juggle personal and business needs while on the run. For many, their wireless device becomes an “office in their pocket,” enhancing productivity and enabling them to take their business wherever they go, whether it be to a client meeting or on a family vacation.

    As business grows, small business owners often need to extend capabilities to more employees, and implement more advanced applications, to improve productivity and maximize efficiencies. There are many innovative mobile applications that can help fulfill business needs, from sending and receiving email and browsing the Internet, to mobile payment acceptance and fleet management solutions.

    Some key Wireless from AT&T offerings include:


    AT&T offers wireless devices which use various operating systems, including iPhone OS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows 8, so small businesses have many options available to best meet their needs.

    Shared data plans

    AT&T offers shared mobile data plans to make it easier and more affordable to do business on the go, including:

    Mobile Share
    Customers choose the amount of data they want each month, then select the devices to be included in the shared data plan. (At least one device must be a smartphone.)

    Mobile Share - Data
    Offers businesses shared data “buckets” for tablets, laptops and other connected devices.

    Business Pooled Nation for Data
    For businesses that need data sharing for more than 25 devices.

    Mobile applications

    Small businesses can find applications that provide exceptional value to help compete effectively by visiting AT&T’s SMART Recommender Tool.

    The Small Business Mobile Application Recommender Tool (SMART Tool) allows business owners to easily learn about, buy and provision certified third-party mobile applications from AT&T, based on their industry or line of business.

    , which provide broadband access on the fastest 4G wireless data network in the U.S.

    AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk
    AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk offers simultaneous voice and data service, faster connection times, integration with business applications and interoperability with existing mobile radio systems.

    Mobile Backup
    Mobile Backup is a wireless application that automatically backs up and safely stores the contact information in wireless handset address books, by sending the information over a wireless network to a secure server. The application provides a safeguard for names, numbers, clients and customers, so if a mobile device is damaged or lost, contacts’ information can be restored.

    AT&T Toggle
    AT&T Toggle is a mobile device solution that enables professionals to use their smartphones and tablets for both business and personal use. AT&T Toggle separates and helps safeguard business data on mobile devices, a distinct work mode and a distinct personal mode on smartphones and tablets.

  • Innovation and Transformation

    Cloud services allow businesses to access computing and storage capabilities on demand, so businesses can pay for what is needed, when it is needed. This cost-effective alternative for delivering technology solutions is scalable and complements existing systems, staffs and processes — making it an ideal solution for many small businesses.

    Featured cloud-based solutions from AT&T include:

    Office 365 from AT&T
    A cloud-based software solution that features tools to enhance productivity, such as Microsoft Office® productivity tools; file sharing and document management; and web and video conferencing.

    A customizable office and mobile business phone system that connects all employees, whether working from the office, from home or in the field. Website solutions
    With tools to make it easy to sell products and services online, create a one-page mobile site to better reach customers searching online with mobile devices, and email marketing to promote products and services and build relationships, small businesses can easily design and manage websites.

    AT&T Mobile Workplace℠
    A Mobile Cloud file management service that empowers team productivity and collaboration by offering mobile and remote access to files, file sharing, team collaboration capabilities and file synchronization.

    Innovative and transformative technologies from AT&T include:

    IP Flexible Reach
    A key telecom innovation that enables small businesses to reduce costs by combining voice and data traffic over a single communications line via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). All for less
    . All for Less starts with high-speed Internet access and unlimited nationwide calling, and offers the option to add enhanced services such as wireless solutions, remote technical support, automatic data back up and website solutions.

    AT&T Connect
    This solution combines web conferencing with AT&T Audio Conferencing Services. AT&T Tech Support 360℠
    With Tech Support 360, small businesses have 24/7 access to U.S.-based live, IT-certified technicians who will remotely access into the computer using a highly secure connection. They’ll start with a PC performance tune-up and provide assistance with PC hardware, software, communications networks, device installation, software training, spyware/virus removal, and with connected devices like tablets, smartphones, printers, faxes, digital cameras and more.

  • Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

    Many small businesses lack the resources and/or the IT expertise to regularly back up their day-to-day business data offsite. Yet when disaster strikes, whether natural or man-made, the country’s small businesses are the most vulnerable to data loss and corresponding loss of revenue. Being without access to key business data for a day or two — or even a few hours — could be devastating to a small business.

    AT&T Tech Support 360SM Backup and Go
    Small businesses can protect their critical business files and have mobile access to them, thanks to AT&T Tech Support 360SM Backup and Go. This cloud-based service enables small businesses to virtually take their hard drives on the road; enabling them to access, collaborate and share documents on the go on most any web-connected computer, tablet or mobile device. Backup and Go also allows users to print and fax documents, add comments or share with others by simply sending a web link. The service runs on more than 800 mobile devices, providing an added benefit to small businesses that allow employees to use personal devices for business.

    Disaster recovery
    About one in four small businesses will experience a “significant crisis” — hurricane, wildfire, tornado, power outage, flash flood, cyber breach, etc. — in any given year (source: Continuity Insights magazine and KPMY Risk Advisory Services survey), and four out of 10 small businesses affected by a natural or man-made disaster will never reopen their doors (source: Insurance Information Institute).

    To help mitigate the impact, AT&T launched the Safeguard Your Business initiative to help small businesses prepare for disaster by offering simple, proactive steps to preparedness. Safeguard Your Business offers an interactive “Quick Check for Disaster Prep” online tool, enabling small businesses to quickly assess their state of preparedness or readiness for emergencies and disasters, based on responses to 10 simple questions. It also offers an aggregation of free online resources, providing small businesses a single convenient destination when considering next steps for emergency and disaster preparedness and planning.

  • AT&T Recommendation Tool

    To help small businesses take the guesswork out of selecting the right AT&T wired and wireless services for their operations, the company recently launched the online "AT&T Recommendation Tool." An online portal, the tool presents small businesses with a series of business-specific questions that are easily answered and quickly recommends the most relevant AT&T wireless and wired solutions, which can help them reduce costs, enhance productivity and, ultimately, get the most out of their communications technology budget.

    Small businesses interested in free resources, including advice, online courses, podcasts, online seminars and opportunities to ask questions directly to small business thought leaders and experts should visit AT&T's online resource for small businesses site, which showcases success stories and keeps business owners — regardless of telecom or technology provider — on the cutting edge of business solutions.

    To find out more about these services from AT&T or other telecommunications services the company offers, please visit