AT&T Business Ads Show the Power of ‘Edge-to-Edge’ Intelligence

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AT&T is releasing four new business ads focusing on Edge-to-Edge Intelligence for business customers and two new “It Can Wait” ads featuring AT&T athlete and professional golfer Jordan Spieth, which will debut during the 2018 Masters Tournament broadcast.

By Andy Morgan, AT&T Newsroom

Four new business ads for AT&T are all about living on the edge … from one edge to the other.

The commercials focus on Edge-to-Edge IntelligenceSM, which is our ability to provide an entire range of services to business customers and insights they can act on. The ads debut today during the 2018 Masters Tournament broadcast.

There are also 2 new “It Can Wait” ads on distracted driving. They both feature Masters champion and AT&T athlete Jordan Spieth.

“AT&T Business offers end-to-end solutions wrapped in security so that you can flexibly respond to business needs quickly, helping you increase revenue and decrease cost,” said Sandra Howard, vice president-Corporate Brand Marketing. “While other companies might be able to compete with us on specific products, our breadth of services sets us apart.”

“We can help solve for your business needs no matter what that might be – from end-to-end,” Howard said.

To compete and win, businesses are looking for digital transformation to help them become more integrated in thinking and more agile in action. “At AT&T, we want to be recognized as the leading business transformation collaborator, not only as the leading telecommunications provider,” Howard said.

The 4 ads, titled “Anthem,” “Retail,” “Healthcare,” and “Manufacturing,” provide humorous depictions of businesses using our technology and services while also showing how AT&T can help make everything work better.

The new ads continue the use of the familiar “Power of &” theme.

“We use the ampersand in a way that shows its additive nature,” Howard said. “We talk about a computer connected to a sensor that’s connected to a tablet that’s connected to something else. All to show how that information and insight can help a business run more efficiently and effectively.”

Take, for example, the “Manufacturing” ad. In it, a warehouse manager is checking refrigerator doors. When one door falls off, the ad moves to a factory, where an assembly line manager’s tablet is connected to a robot named “Bruce.” And the announcer says, “AT&T provides Edge-to-Edge Intelligence. It can do so much for your business, the list goes on and on. That’s the Power of & …”

AT&T athlete Jordan Spieth is also featured in 2 new ads that warn about the dangers of distracted driving. The ads play off 2 golf moves, the “gimme” and “laying up,” to stress that there are no shortcuts with distracted driving.

“You may think that quickly checking a message is the same as a ‘gimme’ putt, but it’s not,” said Ryan Luckey, AVP-Corporate Brand Marketing. “On the golf course, ‘laying up’ is the smart, safe choice, just like ignoring your phone while driving.”

Luckey said AT&T chose to use Spieth for the ads, not just because he’s a pro golfer, but because he’s authentic and committed to our mission. “Jordan has taken the ‘It Can Wait’ pledge, and he lives it every day,” he said.

AT&T shot the ads the morning after a PGA tournament in Los Angeles where Spieth finished 9th. “He got up early and was out on the course for the ad shoot by 8 a.m. and was there all day,” Luckey said. “Jordan brings a tremendous work ethic and character to everything he does and did a great job.”

Howard said the Masters represents the “ultimate viewing experience,” in part because it’s an exclusive group of advertisers.

“There are only 3 companies and one of them is AT&T,” she said. “Our ads are running uncluttered, and it provides us the perfect place to highlight what we do and to kick off new campaigns.”

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