What if technology could change the game for Deaf and hard-of-hearing athletes impacted by on-field communication barriers? Introducing the AT&T 5G helmet. The world’s first football helmet designed to level the playing field for athletes with hearing loss.

AT&T 5G helmet: transforming sports for Deaf and hard-of-hearing athletes

In sports, Deaf and hard-of-hearing athletes face significant communication barriers on the field, impacting performance and team coordination. But now, there's opportunity to change the game forever with the AT&T 5G helmet. Using breakthrough technology, the AT&T 5G helmet integrates 5G and augmented reality to allow for real-time communication between players and coaches—bridging this gap in communication to level the playing field, allowing for inclusivity and improved performance for these athletes.

A historic moment: unveiling the helmet

Gallaudet University, known for inventing the football huddle in 1894, collaborated in creating this helmet, aiming to propel the game forward for the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community in sports. With plans to trial the helmet in NCAA games, AT&T hopes to make this technology a permanent fixture in the sport.

How does it work?

By using AT&T's 5G network, this helmet ensures ultra-fast data transfer and low latency, enabling instantaneous communication between players and their coaches.

The AT&T 5G helmet combines AT&T's 5G connectivity with augmented reality, projecting real-time information onto the player's view via a built-in visor. This feature grants instantaneous access to strategies and live feedback.

Connectivity can change the game forever

The AT&T 5G helmet is a game-changer for Deaf and hard-of-hearing athletes, breaking barriers in sports through its connectivity-driven innovation. This groundbreaking technology revolutionizes communication and performance on the field, showcasing AT&T's commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. By leading the development of this helmet, AT&T propels a more equitable future in sports, demonstrating the profound impact of connectivity-driven solutions in empowering athletes worldwide.